Bike Carson in the Sunday Nevada Appeal

Did anyone catch the Sunday Nevada Appeal? Bicycles ALL over the front page! There are interviews with the bike shop owners Rob, Dan, and Dennis, an interview with Muscle Powered’s president Anne Macquarie, and even a couple pictures of myself with a nice interview! I expected these stories to be buried deep within the paper somewhere, getting little notice. Good job Nevada Appeal!

Bike Carson in the NV Appeal
Bike Carson in the Nevada Appeal

Here are links to the Nevada Appeal articles:

Bike shop owners say more cyclists in Carson City

Muscle Powered still going strong

Man commutes to work; encourages others to try it

I really do think that cycling is on the rise in Carson City! I just met a guy named Jesse that lives in my neighborhood. He’s been commuting since the spring, and I must have been missing him everyday by 5 minutes. I’ve started riding home with him recently, and when I wait for him near my office, I see many cyclists cruising the streets. This is very encouraging, and will hopefully put a little pressure on the city to provide better bicycling infrastructure. We’re off to a good start, but much more needs to be done.

Another great thing about these stories in the paper, is that we got some great advertising for the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge! Hopefully we’ll have some flyers sometime today.

Update: A couple more links from the paper!

Carson has what it takes to become a great bicycling community

Biking to work, kind of

34 thoughts on “Bike Carson in the Sunday Nevada Appeal

  1. The comments in that article are kinda weird. RN&R did an issue on bikes. Didn’t read it all, but was kinda dissappointed by D.Brian’s lame outlook in the ed note and Corey Farley’s indictment of roadies for pissing off drivers. All that does is reinforce aggressive driving. What ever happened to accentuate the positive?!?!?!

    Good Job Bike Carson!!!


  2. Re: Bike shop owners say…

    “There are definitely more novice commuters walking into my door,” he said. “They’re looking for bags and racks and something to carry a laptop in.”

    those sound like novice walkers too if they’re walking into his door!

  3. When I lived in Gainesville, FL, I loved biking to work. I didn’t own a car for five years and I would just go to the grocery store with a friend on the weekends. The big difference is, G-ville was a bike friendly town, with bike lanes everywhere and a slightly higher awareness. So many students biked to campus that the cyclists were really a force to contend with.
    The city in which I live now is another story. My one friend was slapped on the tush by a passenger in a passing car! Not cool!
    Awareness is definitely a priority and congrats on getting this into the local paper!

  4. Nice article Jeff; you certainly are walking the walk. Or is it riding the ride? Hmmmm.
    Good to see the media catching on and supporting the movement too.

  5. hmm… It’s pretty tough to keep bikes out of the bedroom. Did you know that pony tails often simulate handlebars?

  6. Nice job dude!

    You know I love my old Subaru..It’s been good to me for the most part except that one Sunday night back in 2003 when the head gasket blew. Thankfully it was right in front of the dealership here in Carson. Any yes there was a motocross bike on a small trailer behind it. My 2nd bit of luck was that we had just got done riding and you were able to come from Gardnerville and haul my moto stuff away while my car was mostly drifted into the Subaru lot. Most days I don’t miss all that moto-baggage but I can still appreciate that others do. Boy have we changed in a few short years. In addition to everything it’s nice to hear you say that bicycling is fun. It’s also nice that it makes sense. Cycling isn’t always easy but today as I was driving home with my steering wheel almost too hot to touch I thought of you riding the bicycle and how you probably weren’t near as grumpy as I was on my 4 mile commute.

    I knew Suave would have been just as good to clean my bike as anything else.

  7. I forgot about that event. I think I took your cycle, and somebody took you back to Reno! Those rides were like Moon Missions! Whole checklists of things to bring. Glad I did it though.

    I thought commuting through July and August would be miserable, but it’s been just fine. Getting into that hot car at 5:00 pm and not having the A/C work until several miles out…that was miserable, and why I thought I’d feel the same way on the bike. I still strip down to shorts when I get home, but I’m pretty comfy on the way home otherwise!

  8. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks again for working with me on the stories. I think there are still a lot of issues I didn’t have space to cover.
    Let me know when other stuff comes up.

  9. You know Sics Dogs, you’re the 2nd person to accuse me of Sunday morning tea ingestion. I’ll have you know that is a mug of strong dark roasted coffee, loaded with half and half. Yeah, that’s right…Half and Half. Not that low fat soy hazelnut froo-froo stuff you put in your coffee. I think the color processing on this photo altered the coffee’s appearance.

    Teri – Thanks again to you and Brad for the huge effort on all the stories!

    Smudgemo – Soar ever higher my brother.

    Kyna, XD – The handlebar wig Kristy makes me wear is somewhat humiliating, but marriage is a lot of give and take…compromise. Ya know?

  10. I don’t know if your local papers posting of 2 articles on cycling raised awareness within the media world but I came home to find two articles in our Press tonight too! One on sharing the road with cyclist (front page!) and another on 3-wheel recumbants that are designed for commuting and being built here locally. Pretty darn cool.
    I will try and find a link and post it this week. Karma baby!

  11. “You say ‘hi’ to people you pass. You hear the birds sing, smell the air.”

    You pass people? How do they taste?


    PS What about scampering fawns and frolicking foxes?

  12. crazee-b – like pork. Sorta. Make sure you get lots of fiber with your meal if you try it though. Scampering? Mostly bunnies, cats, and squirrels. And maybe the occasional lose dog.

  13. Here’s the best comment on the NV Appeal site for my interview yet!

    “Here’s an idea for T. VANCE & J. MOSER – Why not try riding your bikes around with a thumbtack in your knee (with a brace so it doesn’t fall out) to simulate knee surgery, OR strap a steel rod on your back so you can’t bend over (simulate back surgery/fusion) or strap one arm to your body (simulate shoulder surgery) and then RUN YOU MOUTH ON HOW MUCH EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING THIS…. Better yet break an ankle and ride your bike then – At that point your article MAY BE DIFFERENT AND MORE REALISTIC. My greatest joy (besides the motorcycle) was riding my bike, then multiple injuries have left it hanging in the garage.. INJURIES NOT LAZINESS prevent scores of folks from being bike active. You two smug twits. -NORTHMAN”

    What a BASTARD I am! Hey Sandie…didn’t you ride with a broken ankle? Jon…you rode after shoulder surgery! What’s this guy whining about?

    Anyone have a thumbtack I can borrow?

  14. Facts:
    September 23, 2007. Had my right knee cut open and fully irrigated. Years of basketball and an intense August of riding gave me no choice but surgery.
    Doctors Orders: No golf, no basketball and no softball until Jan 1, 2008. Get back on your bike NOW!

    “INJURIES NOT LAZINESS prevent scores of folks from being bike active.” Where are the facts to back that statement up?

    What a moron!

  15. The lady with one arm is my next door neighbor. She rides year round. Her riding allows her teenage children to have a vehicle to drive.

    Glen Lucky is a downright Hero! The climbs he completes with that heavy load is amazing.

  16. I have a bad back (work injury 20 years ago), a bum knee (escalator and diaper changing injuries), and an ache in my shoulder ( torn rotator cuff from a CAR accident). I ride my bike from Carson to Dayton, where I work three days a week. Sandie did ride WITH a broken ankle and got on the trainer every night to stay in shape while wearing the air boot. The second she was cleared by the doc, back to the trails. Not to mention she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and is in pain most of the time. So I would assume laziness is more like it… Just a guess.

  17. Sounds like poor NORTHMAN got messed up in some freak circus accident, but more likely it was a CAR ACCIDENT. Which leads me back to the original message. Ride Your Bike!

    Having said that, I will be riding with thumbtacks in my knees all next week for research purposes. I’m also getting a patch for my commuter bag that says, “SMUG TWIT”.

  18. Northman may indeed be willing but unable to ride, but bagging on Jeff for exuberance isn’t warranted. I strongly suspect the actual number of people with physical barriers to bike commuting is pretty low, so walking a mile in someone else’s back-brace doesn’t seem as relevant to me. Were it not, we’d have a higher number of blue parking spots everywhere.

    The goal of these articles isn’t to get everyone with two legs riding, but rather to change people’s perceptions regarding what they can do to be a part of the solution in a simple and fun way.

  19. Obstacles to riding? Did I scan all of this correctly? I liked what Smudgemo said – and I agree, not everyone has to ride a bike but getting the people’s perceptions to change is important. Getting drivers to watch out for kids too – and for kids to watch out for drivers as well – is sooo important. I’m starting with my own kids, teaching them to ride bikes and be safe is very important. I’m teaching my son with special needs to watch out for cars and people (even animals!) but I’m hoping – even a little bit – that drivers will keep an eye out for him too (not holding my breath though). I was totally exuberant to see the Appeal feature Jeff. And now I found an awesome blog!

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