Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge Flyer

The Clif Bar 2 MIle Challenge is only a week away now! Please help spread the word!

Download the PDF HERE! and post the flyer where you think it’s appropriate.

Clif Bar 2MC


19 thoughts on “Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge Flyer

  1. I posted the flyer in my building and the one next door. Hope there is a good turn out one a weekday at 3pm that could be a problem.

  2. Thanks, Sandie!

    The bus will be open the whole night (3:00 ish to 9:00 ish probably), and I’d imagine most people will be there after work. Barbara H pointed out something too…the Wednesday night Farmers Market at Mills Park will draw traffic near the 2MC bus. We could send scouts over to hand out flyers to the people on bikes!

  3. The people on bikes shouldn’t be the only target. If they’re on bikes, they’re already in. I say hand them to anyone interested in making a change for the better. Preaching to the choir doesn’t really bring anyone in the door. Just my two cents…

  4. Jeff, I for sure will do that. I will also print a few flyers to post around our ‘hood. I may even go to work early that day so I can get out early and have more time to move folks in that direction.

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