Stolen Kona Bear

Stolen Kona Bear, originally uploaded by Bike Carson.

I saw this bike on my commute this morning, locked up to the east side of the community center. It used to belong to my friend Casey until it was stolen back in 2003 or 2004. It’s still around town! It even still has the Kore stem on it I sold him. But what to do about it now? He’s already collected insurance and moved on. What would you do?

Kona only made the Bear for a short period of time (maybe even one year), and quickly changed the name to the Dawg because of naming conflicts with another manufacturer.  There just weren’t too many Bears sold in this area. Only 1 or 2!  And the Kore stem…come on!

The Kona Bear back in 2003

17 thoughts on “Stolen Kona Bear

  1. What would I do? Pair of bolt cutters to the lock and return it to it’s rightful owner. Insurance or not, this bike was stolen and does not belong to whoever has it now.

  2. I think under law, the rightful owner is now the insurance company. But I know if it was mine, I’d take it back for sure. I’m guessing this bike will be back next week…and Casey doesn’t work day shift either…

    I just added a picture from 2003…

  3. Dress up in a cop’s uniform wait for the person to come out and get on the bike. Stop them and tell them you are from Carson City narcotics investigations. Tell the perp that you have witness’ that report the perp selling black tar heroin to a one legged prostitute back behind the dumpster behind Cactus Jacks! Tell them they have a choice… they could either return the bike to you, strip down to their chonies, put on a rubber lionel richie mask, (that you happen to have in your back pocket) and run home as fast as they can. Option #2.. You could take the bike apart completely before they come out and tell them a park tool weilding rhinocerous came through, disassembled the bike, sold you a taco for 12 cents, and then left for his night job as a window washer at Carson High School. At this point you could thank the perp because you took the 12 cents from his saddle bag. Personally, if it were me, I would do option #2.

  4. I know someone who liberated their stolen bike with bolt cutters.

    Makes you wish bikes could talk. Oh the stories they could tell…

  5. A.Squirrel – Come on man! Don’t you think I would’ve already thought of that? We need some FRESH ideas here. Oldest play in the book that one. He’ll be expecting it.

  6. What sucks is by now this bike might be a few thugs away from the original one that took it. Most people that steal bikes sell them right away, as far as I know. That blows.

    If it’s still there next week, I’d take the picture from above showing your friend with it (face blurred) and tell them the date the picture was taken, and that the bike they are riding is stolen, along with the Police report #. Set up a dummy email address and list that as well and see if 1) you hear from the perp, and 2) if the bike suddenly stops showing up around town…

    I dunno.

  7. Call the cops and the insurance agent ask them what to do if it is spotted again. Any locksmith will be able to cut the lock off, but then what? Does he have to pay back the insurance money? He might prefer to not bother with any of that, but it’s a shame to let anyone get away with theft of buying stolen goods.

  8. Thanks for the heads up Jeff. I spoke to Dan, I think I’ll call CC sherriff and nail the bitch! Not literally of course! The serial # is filed off, HMMM what a coincidence.

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