Farmers Market Bicycle Valet a Success

On Saturday, Muscle Powered setup a Bicycle Valet at the Downtown Carson City Farmers Market. The idea was to setup a secure area for visitors to keep their bicycles, and to act as a public outreach for Muscle Powered.

Farmers Market
The Muscle Powered Tent

Anne Macquarie, my son Charlie, and I setup our tent and were ready to go by 9:00AM, the opening time of the farmers market. Within a few minutes the first bicycles showed up, and it was pretty apparent they were scoping the place out for a secure parking spot. Luckily we were setup close to the street, and it was easy for me to walk out and greet people before they could lock up.

Farmers Market
The Bicycle Corral

Everyone seemed pleasantly surprised to have the bicycle valet service. We weren’t sure how we’d keep track of the bikes, but it turned out to be quite easy. More than half of the people already had bicycle locks, and just locked them up the bike rack we had in the roped-off corral area. This made it easy to remember the remaining people and which bicycle they showed up on. We didn’t have to give out any tickets or write any information down.

Farmers Market
Bicycle Swag

After we got the bikes secure, the people would come visit our table where we had Carson City Bicycle Route Maps, brochures, water bottles, pedometers, and other materials. We even got to talk to people about this Wednesday’s Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge Tour. It was great to meet people face to face, talk about the Muscle Powered mission, and hear people’s ideas, questions, and opinions.

We thought the Bicycle Valet was quite successful, and are looking forward to doing it again. Unfortunately the three of us are all busy this weekend! If nobody else from Muscle Powered volunteers, hopefully we’ll see you the following weekend!

2 thoughts on “Farmers Market Bicycle Valet a Success

  1. Congratulations on the success of your new venture and the effort to better inform the public about the muscle powered mission.
    By “pressing the flesh”, you can give a personal touch to the message and allow others to respond. Seems like a great idea.

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