Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge is Today!

The Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge is Today! I wanted to re-post the flyer, and make sure everyone knows this event is today. After talking with people, there seemed to be a little confusion as to when this event was taking place.

Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge
Clif Bar 2MC – Be There

The bus will be in town later this afternoon at the Carson City Community Center, and will be open around 3:00 PM or after. It will stay open into the evening. The Mountain Bike Film “Seasons” will be shown at 7:00 PM, so even if you have work and after work obligations, you should still be able to make the movie.

I’d like to also remind people that there will be a voluntary admission donation for the movie, and all proceeds will go to Muscle Powered. I’ll be down there with Muscle Powered goodies to give away, so come see me!

Also…ride your bike there if you can! There should be plenty of places to lock up. If you have any safety lights for your bike, you might want to bring them for the way home.

11 thoughts on “Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge is Today!

  1. The movie was really cool and entertaining, although way out of the scope of the people watching it. I don’t think there was one scene where you saw somebody pedaling “uphill” (other than up the face of a jump!). Many of these jump/free ride movies have an urban riding segment that I missed in this movie. The movie was mostly about HUGE air and going REALLY fast through gnarly terrain. But like I said…still entertaining!

  2. What Moser failed to tell you is that the movie actually motivated us all to quit our jobs, tell our families to fend for themselves, build a chairlift to the top of Ash Canyon and spend the rest of what will be extremely short lives bombing the “knarly dude” downhill of Ash Canyon.

  3. ohhhh and No more long sweaty trail building nights with hand held tools. We are all getting dirt bikes. Because they are a really cool way to “find’ new trails.

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