5 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong and Dave Wiens' 100-Mile Duel in Leadville

  1. Thanks for the accolades!!! It was totally cool atmosphere with LA being there. When Kathy was climbing the last hill into town, he was sitting on a truck tailgate drinking a beer cheering everybody on!! How cool is that?
    The ride went well. The weather was great, just one dumping of rain that lasted about 30 minutes, but other than that, it was a great day for riding.
    I had some mechanical issues that set me back about 20 minutes. Hopefully next year (?) things will be smoother. Kathy had a great ride. She felt that she was not going to make the cut-off time when she came off of Columbine, but she dug deep and finished strong ahead of the 12 hour limit. (THAT’S MY GIRL!!!!). Out of the 1000 that entered, 850 who showed up, and 650 who finished, there were only 120 or so women that entered. I don’t know how many women finished, but I do know that the most important one did.
    Well that is it for now, maybe there will be more Carsonites there next year?

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