Bike Carson Afternoon Traffic Report

Expect delays on the Creek Trail due to a downed tree on the lower section where the road narrows to singletrack. Traffic is currently being rerouted around the left and right of the tree, and riders should exercise extreme caution when blasting into this corner. It comes up on you pretty quick! Trail crews have been notified and dispatched.

Tree down on the Creek Trail
Tree Down!

Due to deep sand and some a-hole on a dirt bike, Chains or Knobbies are required on the lower section of the Jackrabbit Trail. Tall tumbleweeds have been reported on Seven Steps to Heaven. All other trails are open with no controls.

Today’s Traffic Report has been brought to you by the Letter “S”, reminding you to Skid in your shorts, not on the trail!

16 thoughts on “Bike Carson Afternoon Traffic Report

  1. Piece of cake.

    Nothing an overly large monster truck, couple hundred feet of chain, 18 inch high horsepower saw and suitcase of Keystone can’t handle. Right Boys?

    Hell we could even drag it UP the trail to make sure there aren’t any others about to fall.

    Mudders make Great Trails!

  2. That thar looks like an aspen. My folks property was entirely aspens before the waterfall fire (they all burned down, hint hint).

    They used to fall over all the time, even on calm days, disease ridden filth (pretty though).

    Once one fell on their house while they were out of town. Of course, being 19, I was having a rager at the time. I remember the whole house moving when it hit. The next afternoon I awoke to my friend Craig out there with a beer in one hand and a can of chainsaw lube in the other. Minutes later the beer was gone and the tree was coming apart in neat little one foot sections. The logs got quietly piled up with the rest of the firewood out back. Craig then proceeded to climb on the roof with a ladder and start repairing my folks broken shingles with new ones he must have purchased that morning.

    Those are the kind of friends you like to have around. You want me to call him up? I’m sure if he’s not out mining gold somewhere in plumas county he will come up and cut it with his bare hands. He’s good with downed trees.

  3. I do believe that Moser’s intention with the Napalm had noting to do with the down tree and everything to do with the a-holes.

    Thats what the truck, chain and saw are for as well.

    We will poor the Keystone on the down tree until it floats away.

  4. I Love It !!
    An A.C. morning dirt report for all our fellow riders. Beautiful.
    Jeff thanks for the smile you gave me this morning I needed it.

    Keystone someone mention Keystone, I am in.
    I finally get to use my new belt.

  5. “I love the smell of napalm-ed aspens in the morning; it smells like victory!” Now get me a Keystone; stat! :^)

  6. Oh, this was nature? I thought perhaps J Po had finaly gone off the deep end with his obstructions to interupt flow on the Creek Trail. My bad… sorry.

  7. This was strange.

    Thursday evening the Carson City Fire Department responded to a call from a “Mountain Biker” that was reporting that someone had a camp site and fire going about 2 miles up Ash Canyon. (Most of you should be able to understand where this would be). This was at about 8:00 p.m. two hours after the Forest Service responded with lights on to the exact same area.

    Would a Mountain Biker really think someone had a camp fire without making sure? Or did some other traveler make it up?

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