Another Visit from Fall

A few of us snuck in an early morning ride on Labor Day. A cold front has moved into the area, colder than anything we’ve had in months. I had to conjure up my mental check list to remember what to wear for 40 degree temperatures!

Top of the Vicee Rim Trail
Top of Vicee Rim Trail

I’m glad I did this, because I had to go against what my brain thought was normal for this time of year. For temperatures in the 40’s, I like to use clothing with wind protection. I kept my knees, ears, and fingers toasty with the appropriate clothing, and used my arm warmers to regulate body temperature. This worked out pretty well, and I was glad I went against my summertime feelings.

Jesse Climbing 7 Steps

We did the big loop in Ash Canyon, climbing Vicee Rim, 7 Steps, Deer Run, Baldy Green, and the Fourday Trail. Once at the top we hit the Creek Trail, and stopped partway down to admire the Great Wall.

Jeff M
Jeff M

If you haven’t already, stop at the rock chute on the Creek Trail to admire the masonry. It’s quite impressive! It made me chuckle to think of what archeologists a couple hundred years from now will make of this structure!

The Great Wall
Captain Jesse Morgan at the Great Wall

Jesse and Jeff P
Jesse and Jeff P on the Creek Trail

After completing the Creek Trail, we rode a new section of trail that takes you back up to Deer Run. If you’ve ridden Deer Run lately, you can see this new trail peeling off down hill. This new addition is great, and keeps you on singletrack, off the road, and in the fun zone. More on this trail later this week…

New Trail
The New Connector Trail

One we got back down to Jackrabbit, we ran into Marcus and one of his roadie buddies. We had a good chat, and then all finished off the trail together. I ended up riding home for a big pancake breakfast, followed by a nap!

11 thoughts on “Another Visit from Fall

  1. Yee Ha
    Gotta love the new connector trail. Sweet!!
    The temps. in The A.C. are perfect for riding in the afternoon.
    You are right, just a little chilly in the morning. Time to break out the wind breaker.

  2. Today was the first morning since spring riding to work in jeans and sleeves…mmmmm felt great!

    Anyone have some recommendations on Trail Lights? It’s getting harder and harder to be off the Mountain before dark.

  3. I wore a wind vest, arm warmers, wind gloves, and a headband for the commute this morning. And I was able to pedal at a fast pace without getting all sweaty! Pretty cool.

    Seems like everyone I know is using the NiteRider light systems. I really like mine!

    Let’s get a night ride setup soon!

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