Road Trip

On Sunday I have a road trip planned to the Bay Area! On Monday, a mountain bike ride is planned near Oakland, and I’ll be riding with Smudgemo, Brian, and Lauren!

Practice Face
roOHHHDd trip!

I’ve hung out with Smudgemo a couple times now, and he’s agreed to let me crash at his pad for a couple nights. As for Brian and Lauren, I’ve never met them in person, and only know them from Blogland. I will be cool to hear the real voice behind the words I’ve been reading the last couple years.

It should be a fun trip, and hopefully I will get to make updates from the road. Stay tuned…

8 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Funny but I got no such offer of a place to stay. Interesting!
    Guess I’ll just have to stay with the wife at the Four Seasons. Suck, but watcha gonna do?
    And by the way, my voice is really high and squeaky. Just want to prepare you for that ahead of time so you don’t make that face again!

  2. …and I don’t have Tourette’s syndrome, c.b. Where’s my lunch meat! I just have a lot on my mind about a lot of different things. Don’t put me in there! Often in a rapid, nonsensical sequence…to the outsider anyhow. Glistening drop of retsin. Minty Fresh!

    Time for my pills…

  3. Yeah, the Four Seasons is a drag, but the company wouldn’t go for the Springhill Sweeeeeeeeeeeeets!
    And a little lispy. Did I mention that before? Sorry.
    Okay, no Duke. Are you up for a duet on “Big Girls Don’t Cry” then?

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