Straight Outta Oakland

I have returned from the Bay Area, and have a fun tale to tell. While I’m getting the words and pictures together, I’ll let you enjoy this painting from one of the local artists.

Back from Oakland!
Straight Outta Oakland

I hope you enjoy this picture, because I got separated from the group after taking it (and a few others). I was completely lost for about 5 minutes! I risk my life for awesome content.

8 thoughts on “Straight Outta Oakland

  1. Don’t let him fool you. That was taken in a parking lot at the grocery store and we were inside buying beer. He is such a drama queen! :^)

  2. those 2 didn’t even notice you were missing.

    when i got to them i asked them where you were, they mumbled something about riding the bridge. and then they sort of looked and noticed you weren’t there and shrugged.

    and then i threw my bike down and ran as fast as i could to save you.

  3. I gave them Clif Bars too!

    I was pretty sure I didn’t lose the group on the uphill, but the uphill route had a turnoff too, so I wasn’t sure. I was reluctant to bomb down that hill, because I didn’t want to lose a bunch of elevation if I was wrong. So I used my Rambo survival skills and just stayed put.

    I was so grateful to see you emerge from the woods part way down the road! I could’ve cried, but of course I didn’t.

  4. Wow. This story is really taking on a life of its own.
    Kinda like playing the “telephone” game. Can’t wait to hear his “blackberry bush” embellishment! :^)

  5. That’s Nothin! You should roll with me down by the cow palace in daly city. We can ride our bikes up through Sunnydale at night. I heard there is only 1 streetlight for a 4 block radius. Afterwards, if we they failed to catch up and run a train on us, we could take a midnight saunter down Mission in Bayview. The only thing that keeps me going back to that neighborhood is Giovanni’s Pizza.

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