Skid on This!

Here’s a shot of the new rock armoring on the 7 Steps Trail. What will archeologists 200 years from now make of this?

7 Steps Trail
Skid on This!

Forgot to get a picture, but Bike Carson would like to welcome the new tenants on the Creek Trail! Half way down the Creek Trail, when the trail joins the road, watch out for a tent smack dab in the middle of the trail. It’s been there for a couple days now, and they even had a fire going once. They’ve done nice rock work for their front porch (formerly the trail). Please bring them a house warming gift if you get a chance.

P.S. Still working on the Oakland post…

36 thoughts on “Skid on This!

  1. No way campers on Creek trail!!!!
    They probably think they are in the deep woods.
    Until a MTBr comes wizzing by
    Yo Yo Whatz Up Homie

  2. Do rocks thrown from the road above count as gifts? BIG ROCKS!

    Yeah Yeah I know we wouldn’t want the same done to us as we ride the trail but think abut one thing Carson City. Where do you think these guys are relieving themselves? My bet is right into the creek!

  3. Nice work Boyz on the armoring on 7 steps Love it.
    Who is doing that ?
    Must be Sage dwarfs………………………

  4. Archeologists: As you can see from the poor workmanship and erratic nature of the stone patterning, these were primative peoples. And as a result of their low intelligence and lack of basic tools, it is not surprising that their species did not survive.
    So in conclusion I remind you, never send a human to do a monkey’s job.
    P.S. Excellent work fellas! :^)

  5. Ash Canyon B&B update:
    The B&B’s tent has been removed from it’s previous location. It now rests 50′ to the east, next to the large pine tree. Toilet paper litters the area in front of their camp.

  6. bear in mind, that tent could merely be advance base camp for the group attempting both summits of Snow Valley Peak (as preparation for the dual summit attempt of Kilimanjaro and subsequent bridge building between the two).

  7. I sent N.D.F. up to make sure our campers are not going to burn down the rest of Ash Canyon.
    I was told you can camp anywhere . However you can not have any type of fire that creates an ash. So Mike is going to send someone up there to check um out.
    LuLu you a such a snitch.
    Maybe they might move before I get up there tonight. I will bring a garbage bag with, to clean up if need be.
    Or I will e-mail the Sage Dwarfs to do it for me.

  8. I had fully planned to get a picture today, but there was just too much going on. Like “The Monkey” says above, the tent is now down off the road. The camper(s) had visitors today. At first I thought it was the 6 dogs wagon. Turned out to be some other dudes, and they were chatting with the camping dude(s). Wasn’t conducive to staring or taking pictures. We just rolled through and kept going.

  9. This could get ugly! What these “campers” are looking for is running water. Something that is no longer happening over on the river side of town. Once word gets out that the water is actually moving on Ash there is a good chance more will leave their dumps near the river and re-locate. With them comes their trash and alcohol and drugs and everything else.

    Did their visitors have transportation?

  10. I don’t know why, but I keep hearing the theme song from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly when I read this.
    (Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo in case you were wondering)

  11. Yeah, I guess I wasn’t real clear. The visitors were in a Toyota. The camper didn’t seem to be what I picture as a “homeless” person. I really didn’t get a good look though. Trying not to run over people and stuff…

  12. Those pull tabs were from me actually. I like to drink Burgie! and ride down the creek trail at least once a week. It makes my mustache grow a little bushier than without.

  13. Trash is cleaned up…fire ring is scattered…wood collection is scattered.

    Anyone wanna help haul the chair out?

    Wood is also back on the fire road that connects Ash Canyon to 4-day after someone drove up and cleared a path for vehicles.

  14. I saw something new in Ash Canyon today.

    A shuttle system at work.

    Three guys…two trucks. One parked at the holding ponds near bottom of Creek Trail. The other driven up to the Creek drop in. They unloaded rode down and a short time later were driving back up in the other vehicle. WOW…yes the Creek is a blast to go down but come on!!! The climb isn’t that bad!!

  15. Climbing is half the fun. Climbing will put hair on your chest. Climbing separates the men from the boys. Climbing will free your soul. I climb, therefore I am.

  16. I wouldn’t exactly call these guys down hillers either. At least based on their bikes. Just standard mountain bikes. One even a hard tail.

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