Pint Night?

Trail work, moonlight rides etc. etc.  It all seems so comlicated.

When is Pint Night?  ya know just a slow roll to a down town Pub…no trail work…no worries about where to meet or when…No issues over what trail to ride…just good laughes with good friends over a cold pint or two?

Could even be a Pint Afternoon whatever works.  Before too long it will be cold out and we will all be wondering where the good times went.

22 thoughts on “Pint Night?

  1. It might be out of some people’s way, but the Feisty Goat is a great English Pub, smoke free, no TVs, pure conversation bar. Great beers on tap too.

  2. Will the Goat lets us ALL bring our bikes inside? If not there is NO way I’m leaving any of my rides out in that neighborhood. I’m more in favor of a place with a patio where we can keep an eye on our “transportation”.

  3. They have a back patio we can not only sit in but we can lock up on the fence in back while we sit and drink, with the bikes not more than 15 feet from the chairs and benches. The back patio is gated off and if I give Lucas (owner) a heads up he will surely accomodate us (he’s rides too). I usually stow my bike either out back chained up or in the entry way.

  4. I’ve been wanting to go there for quite some time. Wouldn’t hurt for you west-siders to come visit our side either.

    I’ll have to check the calendar for “gang truce night”. A night when all gang members get to roam about town freely without watching their backs. During this short period of truce, fences are mended, old ladies are helped across the street, poetry is written, but mostly it’s a time to pause and reflect at all the heinous crimes committed in days past. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Icky at the Firkin patio ain’t bad either though… Or even Doppelgangers. Or Jeff P’s Mom’s house!

  5. Yes, Arrogant Bastard is the bees knees, indeed. I’m a big fan of the Kells. Plus they have a mug club. It’s about 30 bucks for 6 months. You get your own mug to keep and sticker up, you get your mugs of beer for the price of a pint, 4 bucks, even for the Arrogant Bastard, plus your mug gets filled with schwag from time to time. AND, you feel like a real cool gal or fella when you drink from your own chalice of power.

  6. Oh, and I forgot to mention, in the mug club you drink for free on you B-Day, but you also get discounts on Sunday I believe. It’s better than cheers.

  7. We can sample the local fare. Like one brew at each stop.
    Sorry as a local member of the “03” the farthest East I will travel is Roop .
    From what I understand the the local mounties stop patrols after dark east of Roop.

  8. one thing for sure, roger, leave your lupines at home if your headed that way east after dark. dennis moore is said to roam that area and it’s likely he’ll find you if you’re carrying.

  9. A Monty Python sketch featured a would-be Robin Hood named Dennis Moore, who stole lupins from the rich and gave them to the poor. Although he was very successful, the poor argued that money or food would be more practical.

  10. “Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore,
    galloping through the sward,
    Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore,
    and his horse Concorde.
    He steals from the rich,
    he gives to the poor,
    Mr Moore, Mr Moore, Mr Moore.”

  11. “Stand and Deliver!

    Let that be a warning to you all. You move at your peril, for I have two pistols here. I know one of them isn’t loaded any more, but the other one is, so that’s one of you dead for sure…or just about for sure anyway. It certainly wouldn’t be worth your while risking it because I’m a very good shot. I practice every day…well, not absolutely every day, but most days in the week. I expect I must practice, oh, at least four or five times a week…or more, really, but some weekends, like last weekend, there really wasn’t the time, so that brings the average down a bit. I should say it’s a solid four days’ practice a week…At least…I mean…I reckon I could hit that tree over there. Er…the one just behind that hillock. The little hillock, not the big one on the…you see the three trees over there? Well, the one furthest away on the right…”

  12. Male Peasant:
    (dressed largely in a lupin suit)
    Try and eat some, my dear. It’ll give you strength.
    (Dennis Moore reverently approaches the bed;
    the male peasant looks round and sees him)
    Oh Mr Moore, Mr Moore, she’s going fast.

    Dennis Moore:
    Don’t worry, I’ve… I’ve brought you something.

    Male Peasant: Medicine at last?

    Dennis Moore:

    Male Peasant:

    Dennis Moore:

    Male Peasant:
    Some blankets perhaps… clothes… wood for the fire…

    Dennis Moore:
    No. Lupins!

    Male Peasant:
    (exploding) Oh Christ!

    Dennis Moore:
    (astonished) I thought you liked them.

    Male Peasant:
    I’m sick to bloody death of them.

    Female Peasant:
    So am I.

    Male Peasant:
    She’s bloody dying and all you bring us is lupins. All we’ve eaten mate for the last four bleeding weeks is lupin soup, roast lupin, steamed lupin, braised lupin in lupin sauce, lupin in the basket with sauted lupins, lupin meringue pie, lupin sorbet… we sit on lupins, we sleep in lupins, we feed the cat on lupins, we burn lupins, we even wear the bloody things!

    Dennis Moore:
    Looks very smart.

    Male Peasant:
    Oh shut up! We’re sick to death with the stench of them. (sound of a miaow and then a bump) Look. The cat’s just choked itself to death on them. (we see a dead cat with lupins coming out of its mouth) I don’t care if I never see another lupin till the day I die! Why don’t you go out and steal something useful!

    Dennis Moore:
    Like what?

    Male Peasant:
    Like gold and silver and clothes and wood and jewels and…

    Dennis Moore:
    Hang on, I’ll get a piece of paper

  13. Bravo—- Bravo!!!!!!!!!!
    Man, glad I asked.
    Thanks gents for the theater of the mind
    Looks like I need to brush up on my Monty.

    Actually that’s Good Jen, Then we don’t have to worry about getting pulled over by those pesky Mounties for a PUI. Peddling Under the You get it.

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