18 thoughts on “Bridge to Somewhere

  1. Very nice Dogs!!!!
    I noticed the rocks gathering around the stream yesterday evening.
    Wow those Sage Dwarfs are busy.

  2. wow.

    Sunday I rode through the creek at that crossing.

    Monday I walked across as the design team was in the beginning stages of bridge installation.

    Tuesday it is a finished product waiting for me to cross on my way home.

    Has the State contacted this crew for help on the on again off again Galena Creek crossing?

  3. Quick send that photo to their employers with a modified time stamp of 2:00 p.m.

    Answer to the “Where is everyone” question.

  4. No, it would get her (palin) full support until everyone in the community was up in arms about the bridge and thought it was a huge waste of taxpayers dollars.
    Then she would be against it.
    By the way, nice bridge to somewhere!

  5. Speeding? On a Mountain Bike? gasp…

    Everyone make sure and blame Moser when this bridge is the location of our very first “Please Slow” “Corner Ahead” sign.

    Remember…keep the skids in your shorts.

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