10 thoughts on “Fall Colors

  1. You promised pretty fall scenery. I don’t see much that looks like fall, but three out of four shots show Kristy riding her bike, so I think you accomplished your goal!

    Not that I was look at your wife, but …

  2. The calendar says it’s fall, and I provided pretty scenery. And Kristy’s jersey is quite colorful. I delivered on my promise! I didn’t say anything about colored leaves…

  3. Wow great pictures. I guess in your parts the shrubs are the things that change colors. It’ll be another month or so before we get some orange and gold in our scenery.

  4. We’re actually pretty diverse. Within just a few miles you go from Alpine to desert. Nevada is also one of the most mountainous states, each mountain range containing little ecosystems. Yellow Aspens are common in many locations during the Fall. These pictures are but a mere sample of the beauty present here!

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