We Got Rain!

For the first time in a long time (weeks, months?) we got some rain this weekend! The trails in Ash Canyon were starting to feel like you were riding on the beach. I didn’t get up on the trails immediately following the rain, and rode for the first time on Monday. Wow! What a difference. Some sections of the trails felt like someone had gone up with a tamper and packed the sand immediately after the rain…concrete.

Fall in Ash Canyon
Fall Skies

Here are a couple pictures from Sunday when the family and I took a little hike up near the water towers with the dogs.

Ash Canyon Bouquet
Ash Canyon Bouquet

P.S. You may have noticed a lack of updates this last week. I believe I am coming out of my blogger burnout, and will start churning out the content once again. The Bike Rodeo was my last bicycle advocacy obligation of the year, and after it was over, I was in need of some down time!

3 thoughts on “We Got Rain!

  1. I was able to get up on Mike’s trail on Saturday morning at around 9:30am. I rode up the singletrack all the way to the top and then turned around and came back down, but detoured down 7 steps. The trails were very fast and grabby. On a couple sections I found myself having to brake more than the usual because I was coming in so fast.

    It was definitely the goode times!

  2. Nope. Not gonna do it. I can resist the temptation of “lupines”!
    Great pictures. Rain when you haven’t had it for awhile, is an amazing treat. Our trails here were falling apart and just a little rain made a huge difference. I rode tonight and except for a couple spots, the trail was the best it has been all season.
    Enjoy it while you can!

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