This is Only a Drill

This recent weather system came as a bit of a shock to the system. I had to pull out gear that I hadn’t touched since last winter. And even though I don’t mind riding in the cold, I couldn’t help but feel crushed that winter was upon us. Didn’t we just get through this? After reminding myself that it was only the beginning of October, I started to feel better. This had only been a drill.

Tom on the Creek Trail

Friday morning was in the low 30’s, so I mixed fall and winter clothes for the commute to work. My wind gloves were barely cutting it, and I was thankful that work wasn’t too far away. I figured the day could only get warmer from here though, and that the gear I had brought would suffice.

Scott J
Scott J on the Jackrabbit Trail

The cold weather made us weary of going out for a lunch ride in the cold, but as always, it was fantastic once we were out in it. Getting into Ash Canyon protected us from the bitter cold winds from the north, and we even had a break in the clouds above us, letting the sun warm our bodies. I know Tom was thankful, as he only had his shorts and leg hair to keep his lower half warm. We worked up a decent sweat, and even peeled some of the warm stuff off. It came back on quickly once we started going back down hill though. As we came out of the canyon, we turned north onto the Jackrabbit Trail, and got a blast of the chilling air. We were all glad we didn’t have to go that direction much longer!

Jackrabbit Trail
Descending Back to Carson City

I had reports from friends in Reno that it had been snowing all day up there, but it had been dry most of the day in Carson. It wasn’t until the late afternoon that the snow finally hit us. By the time I got off work, the snow was really starting to fly. I was shivering a little, but decided not to grab any more layers out of my pack. The body heat would come from pedaling. Along the way, Jesse told me of all the offers for a ride home he received. His coworkers thought he was nuts for riding in the snow. Mine didn’t bother. They learned better last year.

October Snow Storm
After Work Snow Storm

It looks like we are in for some warmer temperatures this week, and I’m glad this weekend was only a taste of things to come. I’m not quite done with fall yet! It was nice to take a long rest this weekend though. Time spent with family, reading, movies, homemade bread and soup, and hand crafted ales are never a bad way to spend the weekend!

11 thoughts on “This is Only a Drill

  1. I’m pretty sure Roger is to blame for the little blast of winter we felt over the past few days.

    He is in Hawaii suffering through lows in the 70’s and high’s in the 80’s and was probably worried we would forget about him.

  2. Your fellow employees KNOW your crazy!
    Wow; weird weather. You can have it.
    We are enjoying unseasonably warm temps and are unwilling to share it with anyone.

  3. That ride home was crazy at first. I could barely see through the snow hitting my eyeballs. I wish I would have had my boarding goggles. Then, in true NV fashion, it was sunny by the time we hit the lone mountain area.

    I kinda like the cold change for now.

  4. Talk about change.

    This morning I ride to work in full winter gear as the system just hasn’t adjusted to the cold yet and now I’m looking to ride home in shorts.


  5. Boy sorry I missed the cold weather.
    Lester you are right. It was warm in Maui and the trade winds were just what you needed to keep cool.
    We got home from surfing and we found out it was snowing back home . We could not believe it.
    I will up date my site when I get settled.

  6. “I will up date my site when I get settled.”

    We don’t need to see pictures of you at the beach in a Bikini…thanks anyways.

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