Ash Canyon Trails

I’ve received several emails from riders wondering where to find the trails we talk about so frequently in Ash Canyon. Here’s a handy little map that Jeff P Keith (aka Scumfish) created that should help get you started.

Ash Canyon Trail Map
Ash Canyon Trails

The best way to access the trails is either from the V&T bicycle path, or the Ash Canyon public access road that climbs up past the water towers.

Happy Trails!

8 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Trails

  1. xdscott – Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t see the REST of 6dogs’ video collection! Buns do seem to be a reoccurring theme though…

    The sand up in Ash Canyon was so firm today from the rain, that I didn’t need steel anything. It was like free energy!

  2. Many thanks to the T, K and J trail crew for their work on the nicks, ruts and puddle spots over the weekend. It’s nice to have the trails so well taken care of.

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