8 thoughts on “Good night for a Night Ride!

  1. I went…and it was awesome!

    Yes every night is now a night ride but stretching the 15 minute commute into a 2 hour adventure can really help end the day.

  2. night ride!

    did you guys ride? looks cold over there!

    finally, my commute into work is sort of got some smidgens of daylight. but still quite dark. feels like a night ride.

  3. I have to disagree with Lauren. It looks hot to me!
    I did a night ride with friends on Wednesday. At one point, I thought to myself, “That last stretch was flat. We must have just ridden across the creek I was looking for.”

  4. After work I’m just about done. Hard to think about anything but beer, food, family, and sleep!

    Lester…won’t you be lunch riding soon?

    Tim – Yikes! I’m not ready for that degree of cold!

  5. i’m certainly done with work after work but an afterwork ride (when i can squeak one in, like last night) certainly cleanses the soul and scrubs off the work funk.

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