Tough Times Ahead

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Governor Jim Gibbons, who for months on end has been repeating his mantra of “no new taxes” has been confronted with what many economists and government financial experts call the “point of no return” on even just basic state services like medicaid, mental health care for the seriously disturbed and running safe prisons. Gibbons told reporters in a meeting of his financial advisers today that Nevada is bleeding profusely and that tax revenues are plunging.

Possible new tax sources could include a first-ever corporate income tax, expanded sales taxes on services, like car repairs, dry cleaning, and more. Higher fees to register and transfer ownership of cars and trucks. A temporary state-wide boost to the sales tax. A shorter work week for state workers, bonding for the rest of the state’s tobacco settlement fund and other options.

Gas prices are currently down, but I don’t expect this to last. In fact, it will not be surprising to see shortages in 2009! And according to the above article, it looks like cost of ownership for cars will almost certainly rise in the coming months here in Nevada. Obviously driving less and eliminating a new car purchase will save you a lot of money down the road. Keep your old car going, and figure out ways to utilize your bicycle more. Bicycle purchase, repair, and maintenance will cost you far less than the cheapest Hybrid automobile, and besides, cycling is way more fun.

The “shorter work week for state workers” is also of special interest to me, since this may directly affect me and many of my cycling brethren. I’m already running pretty lean on the finances, but I suppose I could get by with a little less. It seems there is always some place to trim the fat. I’m not sure how many hours would be cut, but the thought of extra hours for a bike ride could be a silver lining. Mutli-hour Friday afternoon bike rides anyone?

19 thoughts on “Tough Times Ahead

  1. I could get by with less unnecessary luxuries so I’m not too terribly worried. More time for riding bikes and spending time with family also sounds like a plus. I’ve saved so much cash by riding to work every day, like in the neighborhood of close to a thousand bucks.

    I used to spend around 120 bucks per month on gasoline, not to mention all of the other costs involved like oil, brakes, washing etc.

    The biggest sacrifices I can see coming down the road for me would be less tasty brew purchases, less money for lunches and probably less vacations camping and visiting distant family.

    I guess it looks like this whole mess is a giant crap sandwich and we are all going to have to take a bite!

  2. Good to see that the car is a target of the state for increasing revenue as long as it does not inhibit the poor from maintaining their access to work. Might need to be income based.
    I would accept both a shorter week or 10-hours days to have Friday’s off for riding. Or any day that the sun was shining and it was warm!
    And we can all get by with less. That goes without saying.
    Well, maybe not tasty brews. Not sure I’m willing to go that far! :^)

  3. The shorter work week is not less than 40 hours, it was a mandatory 4-10’s schedule proposed so that we could shut down one day a week saving in electricity. I don’t see it happening, creates too much of a problem with childcare, etc.

  4. 4-10’s? I can barely handle 8 hours per day! I would almost certainly goof off the other 2 hours, so why not just pay me 40 for 32? Not sure if this would apply to IT folks since the computers need to be running 24/7 anyhow.

  5. Miller High Life – The champagne of beers. That and frozen burritos can save thousands of dollars a year. Viva la luv gov!

  6. The frozen Amy’s burritos from Costco are awfully good!

    In other news: “Democratic leaders in the US Congress called Saturday for funds contained in a 700-billion-dollar federal rescue plan for the financial sector to be diverted to the struggling auto industry.”

    A couple years ago I was wondering why the Auto Makers weren’t responding to what the population needed…only the macho stuff that they thought they wanted. Certainly someone in the industry could have predicted this! And now it’s the taxpayers problem because of this greed. I can’t imagine any amount of money helping them at this point.

  7. Miller Low Life is more like it. I am willing to compromise on just about anything (okay, probably not music either) but beer? That is just going too far.

  8. I like the shorter work week idea. I sort off see it like flying in a plane. Taking off and landing take time. So, if you can spend more time up and running – such as in working 4 x 10 hour days you will be more productive.

  9. I have access to some cheaper brewing equipment that sits in storage, maybe I should get my friend to dig it out for me and start experimenting.

    We made hard cider about 5 years ago with said named equipment and made some really tasty stuff. We tried a number of different methods, all producing good results. I liked the one brewed with champagne yeast the best, but they were all tasty. The best part was they alcohol content. I don’t know exactly how high it was but one 12 ounce bottle would leave you tipsy and if you drank one of the 22oz bottles it left you drunk (with a sweet hangover to go with it).

    I drank 3 Eye of the Hawks last night and felt tipsy. They have 8.0 alcohol by volume.

  10. I brewed a few batches of beer in my early 20’s. I brewed some marginal Corona clone, but once made a delicious Scotch Ale. I got rid of some of the stuff when I moved, but still have a brew pot for cooking wort and a bottlecapper. Seems like if you just put it into a keg, it would be much more fun. Sterilizing bottles is tedious.

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