Construction at Centennial

V&T Encroachment at Centennial?, originally uploaded by Toby1Kanobi.

Bike Carson reader Toby1Kanobi recently took some pictures of the Centennial Trail, and wanted to share them (see more pictures by clicking on the picture above). This is the eastern portion of the trail network near Mound House. Notice the new road that was recently graded in!

Does anyone know if this is part of the V&T Construction Project? If not, what is it? Regardless of what it is, we may be looking at a trail reroute. This will be too bad, since this area was one of my favorite sections of the trail.

Additional Note: Vassago Jabberwocky 29er in the foreground. Lucky.

Bonus Trivia for Readers Outside the Carson Area:  The world famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch is just past the houses in the picture.  Looks glamorous, doesn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Construction at Centennial

  1. Not very far…blocks…if those are indeed houses. There are lot of wrecking yards, flea markets, gun stores, and a lot of other fine establishments to add to the ambiance.

  2. Didnt the V & T run out of money yet? I was hopin that they would make the whole thing a bike path. That would be valuable. Esp. if it goes right past the bunny ranch. Well, on the other hand, if there are a bunch of naked ladies running around next to the bike path, it could get embarrassing for us guys in spandex.

  3. The ballot measure was recently defeated in Carson City, but I’m not certain what that means for the future of the V&T project. I say we go Rails to Trails on it. There are currently no rails, so it would make the project even easier! A mountain bike trail to VC would be wondrous!

  4. Yep. I really have not looked into the project at all, but if it is as profitable as people think it is going to be, why are there not an abunance of private investors eager to to put up the funds for the completion with the bounty of profits to be had in the future?

  5. I would like to see the V&T go all the way through only because I am a Comstock History super-freak. I wouldn’t mind having it go on and become a reality. What’s to stop you from creating your own trail along side? The train can’t honestly run so often that it would create a danger for riders as long as you give it a wide berth.

    Might be a bad bad idea but either way I wouldn’t be upset, rails or trails…

  6. I LOVE the idea of the project, but it’s the wrong time. Nevada is in serious trouble (I just saw that they were entertaining the idea of lowering the gambling age to 18 to collect some extra revenue!!!). Any investment in infrastructure like this should be made for transportation for citizens…not the tourists that may not be here by the time this project is completed. Light Rail serving Carson Valley, Carson City, and Reno would be a better project for the years ahead.

    If it does go forward though, I believe there are plans to have a multi use trail along at least parts of the line.

  7. I think it would be great if they made it into a train if it was going to be profitable. If it was going to bring revenue to this area. I just dont think it will. i would LOVE to ride a train to Virginia City and have a first class meal. but I dont see a bunch of people coming from all over to do that. I love trains. I think it will have its time. I am biased. I would like to see Carson City to be know as a cyclist community. If that were a bike path, or a paved bike path, I think that would be a huge asset. Now, I did not do the math on that either, I am just thinking in ideals. If it was a paved road bike path… would that attract many more people to this area to live and work? probalby not, but I do recall living next to the 50 miles of bike path that ran from Downtown Sacramento to Folsom Dam and that was unbeatable. What a huge asset to that community. It just seems that since they are almost done with that thing. do something that we can use it for now. We can make it into a big choo choo train ride later on.

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