Thursday Cinematic Extravaganza

I’m still crafting a few posts, so in the meantime, here are a couple cinematic masterpieces to view.

First up is a wild BMX video I saw over on dhReno.

Look ma! No helmets!

Next up is a music video that Smudgemo sent me. A healthy combination of beards, beer, rock, and medieval weaponry.

Red Fang “Prehistoric Dog”

3 thoughts on “Thursday Cinematic Extravaganza

  1. BMX video- every time I think no one can take it to another level… they do. surprised those dudes are alive. there had to be alot of trial and error on those stunts and that cement seems really really hard..
    Red Fang- nice to see some hard workin, beer drinkin metalers bang out a glorious little ditty.

  2. BMX Video – I was pretty amazed they knew just where to put those little landing ramps! Landing a stiff little steel bike with no suspension from those heights has to shake your fillings loose!

  3. Pretty darn impressive (BMX stunts). And to think we were doing that back in the 70’s with Orange Krates with no one there to film it. Damn, I could have been YouTube famous!
    There is no way Smudgemo sent you that video. He is a huge Gwar fan and those guys are just lame Gwar-wanna-be’s!

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