Soul Food

Most of the time, Halloween is the turning point for the nice weather, but we’re in the middle of a warm streak with temperatures in the 60’s every day at ride time. It’s just about perfect in shorts and a short sleeve jersey!

Top of the Russel's Revenge Climb
Top of Russel’s Revenge

Yesterday was one of those magical mountain bike days. We had a small group, and everyone was having a good day. Everyone was climbing good, and was in good spirits. The senses were sharp, and we all had Jedi like control over the bikes. Scott R even made it up Russel’s revenge on his 1×9 (middle chain ring)!

When we all got to the bottom, you could see it in everyone’s faces. A look of amazement! We all just smiled and said, “Wow”.

Baldy Green Trail
Tom and Scott R on the Baldy Green Trail

It was definitely the high point of the work day.  There was nothing that was going to be more climatic, or anything that could shake the good spirits we had the rest of the day.  My tank was EMPTY upon returning to the office…it was a 100% effort.

Mountain Biking. Good for what ails ya. Or as Scott R said, “That ride was soul food!”

Baldy Green Trail
Jesse, The Dark Rider of the Apocalypse

6 thoughts on “Soul Food

  1. I know why all of you are so full of smiles as I pass your group heading for the trails at noon!

    I wonder what everyone else is thinking that see you all???

  2. Other than my chain breaking it was downright fabulous. Lucky Dennis was there and repaired the chain in record time. The weather was perfect, the moon was bright. We went up and down Creek Trail and did the fourday trail, VC Rim, Deer Run… Pretty much hit it all. So much fun we want to do it next Thursday too. 7 pm Foothill road.

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