Riding Carson City's Parks

On Saturday, Charlie and I decided to go have a look at the Linear Park Trail. Earlier in the week, the Nevada Appeal was working on a story about this trail for Saturday’s paper, and asked me for my thoughts on the recent trail construction near the 5th Street Round-a-bout. I don’t usually go to this area of town, and didn’t have much offer. It was time to do some exploring.

Linear Park Trail
Linear Park Trailhead at Governors Field

We parked at Governors Field and rode over to the trailhead on Roop Street. From there we rode east, and then crossed Saliman near Fremont School. It wasn’t long after this that we hit a dead end. This section of the trail is closed while the construction is under way it appears.

No Pase
iNo Pase!

We rode back to the car, loaded up the bikes, and drove down to Riverview Park.

Linear Park Trail
Linear Park Trail Heading Southwest

There is a lot of construction on the Freeway at 5th street and Fairview (formerly Edmonds), and we could see where the new bike path will go through. We continued on to the end of 5th street and parked at Riverview Park.

Riverview Park / Mexican Ditch Trail System
Riverview Park / Mexican Ditch Trail System

There is a good map of the trail system near the parking area. As you can see from the map above (click on the map, and then click on “all sizes” to see bigger versions), you can see how all the trail systems connect. The Linear Park Trail will soon connect to the Mexican Ditch trailhead at the Moffat Open Space Area. From this trailhead, you can connect to Riverview Park or continue on the Mexican Ditch Trail. The Mexican Ditch Trail will soon go all the way to the Silver Saddle Ranch, further extending trail possibilities on the ranch’s trail network.

Full Loop Trail

Charlie and I rode the Riverview Park Trail “full loop” in a counterclockwise direction. The trail is hard packed, free of stickers, and great for kids! There were a lot of dog walkers on the trail that we had to ride around. A handlebar mounted bell is good to have in situations like this.

Charlie at the Carson River

We made a quick stop when we first saw the river, and took some pictures. I knew of a better spot to take a longer break, so we kept riding.

Father and Son
Father and Son

All along the way, there are outstanding, unobstructed views. You are also far enough away from houses to get a good “outdoors” experience.

Nice Views of Slide Mountain

Break at the Carson River
Great Place for Throwing Stones

We stopped at a little beach where I used to come back in the 80’s. There were plenty of stones to throw into the river. They mush replenish them periodically, because I was pretty sure I threw them all into the river back then!

Before we made the final stretch back to the car, I had Charlie ride down the river bank for another photo. Before I could give him instruction, he took off and went for it. It wasn’t till I started looking at the pictures that I noticed how good his form was! Elbows bent, weight back, and in the attack position. That’s my boy!

Charlie Perfect Form

I highly recommend these trails for families with young mountain bikers! It is mostly flat, but the little hills along the way provide good learning opportunities for gear shifting. Once all these trails are connected, they will be an incredible asset to the city, providing many recreational opportunities for Carson City residents.

7 thoughts on “Riding Carson City's Parks

  1. That trail looks great. Is that really water flowing in the river? Last time I was out there it looked stagnant. Glad to see the city is investing in bike trails. Looks like Charlie was having lots of fun.

  2. Looks like a great place to ride, especially with kids. Give them the chance to stretch and enjoy throwing a few rocks and they will be more willing to come back again.
    Charlie does have that downhiller bomber position figured out. He will make Shaun Palmer look like a pansy someday! :^)
    P.S. Still hating you for being able to wear shorts and short sleeves too!

  3. Don’t we have some decent trails on the west side of Carson. Other side of 395? I seen a few trails running around some homes up off of Kings Canyon rd. I just remembered that trail that takes you behind the Western Nevada Collage. I like the West side pretty well. I really haven’t really gone that far east and checked out bike paths there. Anyways, Thanks!

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