24 thoughts on “Night Ride

  1. With the light I have I could probably only see about 10 feet in front of me and that would only last for about 10 minutes before the battery wears out.

  2. The little dirt parking area off Winnie Lane where the gate is. Piles of dog poop everywhere.

    Yeah, all you gotta do is just stay on Jeff P’s wheel, and you’ll be fine Roger. Shouldn’t be a problem!

  3. Roger, I’m sure Lu won’t mind hangin’ with the wussies.

    Jeff, the problem will be trying to stay on Marcus’s wheel. He was on fire last Thursday.

  4. I love Knight Rider. It’s a coming-of-age socio-philosophical and unintentionally comedic television series that raises critical questions vis-a-vis auto-human interrelations with profound ramifications for generations to come, especially within the socio-cultural context of the GM Nation in light of ever-increasing petrol prices, the advent of the electric vehicle–profoundly predicted in a post-Carter era by Kit and its owner, “Michael Knight” (a.k.a David Hasselhoff)–hybrids, and, likely, inventions not yet seen. Given this, however, serious consideration must be given toward whether Knight Rider would have had such a resounding cultural impact had not George Lukas and company, as well as those responsible for the equally profound Battlestar Galactica (circa 1978), ignited an era ripe wherein machines exhibiting human characteristics flourished–indubitably with a nod toward Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology, albeit oft confused with the concepts of “anima” and “animus,” in which Jung actually was referencing male/female dynamics, not human-machine relations. That said, serious consideration for Knight Rider would not be complete without an equally thorough analysis of the series that pre-dated Kit and Co. by nearly a decade; which is, “Land of the Lost.”

    Cha-ka, anyone?

  5. Jeffs- I’m flattered. ( However, I seem to be the one behind you guys!)

    Crazeee- you are my new personal hero. I must ponder your analysis and get back to you later. One thing is certain. The tangablilty of the Hasselhof factor leads me to believe that only a certain amount of butterknives WILL fit into a manhole. The bicycle, of course, being cyborg extension of the human mind and body.

    I will be there tomorrow along with Dennis and Chris.

  6. i think crazeee-b’s analysis contains one critical flaw and that is the obvious (and egregious) exclusion of Corvette Summer, which would add a significant amount of connective tissue to his argument. without it, you bascially have Piktor’s Metamorphosis without the tree, ergo nothing, from a Jung-male/female dynamic perspective.

  7. Now I know who Roger is…why didn’t someone say it was LuLu’s boyfriend?

    He’s the guy with the iPhone but No Lights on his Bike!

    I’m surprised his replies here don’t say. “Sent from my iPhone”

    OH YEAH BEER…Damn now I have to ride.

    What time are we starting this trip? 1:00 this afternoon is good for me as long as I’m home by 10:00 pm.

    Everyone bring a 6-Pak.

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