The night ride was a blast, and was mostly successful. We still need to find out what happened to Roger, and we’re currently corroborating our story about a little “accident” we had at the end of the ride. Stay tuned for the full report…

Until then, let’s see what happens when you mix Bikes and Guitar Hero!

Also, here’s what I would do if I had a lot more courage and possibly a jet pack…

Finally, I’d like to share a couple photos of the wildlife we encountered on the trail this week. This flock of Biker Chicks seemed unafraid, but cautious of our presence. Unfortunately they flew off when Scott R got closer, trying to offer them Clif Bars.

Amy, Kristy, and Jodi
Amy, Kristy, and Jodi


4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Sorry but this won’t help.

    “Injured deer put down at Dayton Valley Golf Course
    Heidi Geisler left for work at 8 a.m. Thursday with a troubling vision in her head.
    An apparently injured doe was hunched down on the first hole of the Dayton Valley Golf and Coun­try Club at Legado, near a buck that didn’t appear to be injured.
    “It was real close to the road,” she said. “We couldn’t get anyone out here to take care of it.
    She called 911, who contacted wildlife management, who sent a game warden down from South Lake Tahoe, where he was in a meeting, to dispatch the animal with a shotgun.
    Geisler didn’t see the doe’s demise, but said it was gone when she returned at 2:30 p.m. She thought the animal had originally been shot, but Nevada Division of Wildlife spokesman Chris Healy said it had actually been hit by a car.
    “There seemed to be a bullet hole in the deer and it seemed to be dying a slow death,” she said. “It was sitting there with a buck, then the buck left.”
    Kay Bernston, golf course superintendent, said the doe, bleeding from the abdomen, and the buck showed up Thursday morning with the doe injured.
    “They were bedded down under a tree near Number One,” he said. “The buck wasn’t injured, but stayed until about 8:30 a.m., which is pretty unusual for a buck.”
    Bernston said he also called the department of wildlife.
    Healy said the animal was killed with a shotgun by game warden Mike McCusker at about 12:30 p.m. and taken away.”

  2. Sad. There have been a lot of deer in town lately. I almost hit one driving to the school Wednesday night on the corner of 5th and Division. I big buck just ran the stop sign right in front of me. Last night was a bummer too. That little deer ran right into the fence. I am pretty sure he broke his neck.

  3. My parents live in Kings Canyon and they have had 3 small deer killed in the last month or two by a resident mountain lion. Two of them were killed from a broken neck and left intact while the other one had it’s neck broken and then was completely gutted out. One of the kills happened about 10 feet from their bedroom window. The deer are having a tougher time defending themselves and outrunning the mountain lions, and the mountain lions are hunting with aggression.

    I was driving up to their place the very morning after one of the kills and a small skinny deer wandered into Ash Canyon road and then stood there in front of my truck in a complete daze. It took him a good 15 seconds before he started to move off the road, ribs poking out and fur thin and matted.

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