Out of Order

Out of Order
Out of Order

After months of putting up with a stinky bathroom to change into our cycling clothes, someone came up with a brilliant idea. Or maybe it’s really broken. Nobody is talking. Either way it’s good, and I’m loving the fresh pristine air of my new executive changing room.

Do you ever doodle new bicycle designs at boring meetings? If the answer is yes, then this little application is for you! This cool little tool is making its way across the blogosphere. I’ve made a few wondrous creations, and I’d share them with you if I new how to use crappy Windows Vista better. Check out the application HERE. If you have any creations you’d like to share, send them to me in a jpg, and I’ll post them!

Update: Here’s my Dream Bike using the above application. I expect the bicycle manufactures to start calling now. It’s gonna be a busy day!

Deam Bike

5 thoughts on “Out of Order

  1. You just infringed on about 50 patents with that design. The owner of Softride bikes will be issuing a cease and desist order against you by the end of the day.
    One question: Is that a hot water bottle hanging from the seat?

    P.S. Nice digs. Your “company” really went all out for you bikers!

  2. While the seat attachment will accept most water bottles, and even has an electric attachment to keep the water warm, this Chinese lantern provides high visibility while in heavy traffic at night.

  3. for daytime riding, can the chinese lamp be swapped for one of those plastic ball sacks i often see hanging from the trailer hitches on some really cool trucks around here?

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