Hitting the Slopes

Once again we spent or lunch hour at the very posh and world renowned Ash Canyon Resort. We were dismayed that the Quad Chair Hyper Lift was out of order, and that the parts are being airlifted in from Switzerland. We almost called the ride off, but reluctantly decided to pedal up the hill ourselves. We unloaded the bikes off the Team Bike Carson (TM) Escalade, pre-ride toasted with 15 year old Cognac, and finally pedaled up a snowy Ash Canyon Road.

Scott J, Chris, Jesse
Scott J, Chris, Jesse

The climb was rough! I thought it was just me or my heavy oversized tires, but the other guys were feeling it too. The snow was cold and packed, but there must still be a lot of extra resistance. Chris left us at Deer Run for more action on the Four Day Trail. The rest of us opted for a Deer Run.


The thermometer said it was below freezing when we left, but we worked up a pretty good sweat on the climb. We had to take off a few layers to keep from bursting into flame! We put back on the winter attire for the descent, as it was instantly cold again as soon as we got above 5 mph.

Scott R
Scott R

Even though it was below freezing, the bright sun was starting to melt the snow. This made for a slightly greasy snow and a lot of laughs. Your eyes and brain would pick out a line, but your bike would respond to a set of inputs out of your control. One particular dip threw me to the right of the trail and Scott R to the left. I turned around just in time to see him doing some Bronc Busting off the side of the trail. Wish I would’ve had the video rolling!

Deer Run

We squirmed our way down Deer Run, Postal, and hit the Jackrabbit Trail. Jackrabbit is a combination of snow and wet sand. You can get some speed in the sandy straights, but then are thrown into a slippery snowy corner!  Rider discretion is advised.

Scott R
Heading Back to the Lodge

Once back at the lodge, we had crab cakes exquisitely prepared by Chef Kristof, and paired them with a delicious, crisp 2007 California Viognier, bursting with the aromas of honeysuckle, citrus blossoms, and oriental lychee nuts. I saw Scott R and Jesse head off in their bath robes for a Swedish massage, but I opted for a rejuvenating mud bath. Scott J went back for more crab cakes. And this reminds me…I wonder if Chris ever made it down off the mountain? He has the keys to the Escalade!!!

9 thoughts on “Hitting the Slopes

  1. hahaha! that looks frickin cold! what kind of gloves do you guys wear – and what kind of socks and stuff to keep feets warm?

    we’re having a bit of your kinda weather out here and i can’t get the feet and fingers dialed in.


  2. I don’t why, but your report has a bit of a stink to it. Did you guys ride over some B_llSh_t on the way to the trail?
    I guess the only thing I would change in this report is the wine selection. Crab cakes are much more succulant if prepared with a tasty 2000 Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink. Just a suggestion for your next ride.
    By the way, what were you using to light up these pictures? Must have been pretty powerful set of klieg lights. Almost looks like daylight. Anyway, ride on!

  3. Staying warm – Ski gloves, winter specific cycling gloves, mountaineering gloves all work pretty well. Water proof gloves are more expensive, but keep your hands warm even when it starts snowing or raining. Thick neoprene booties over the cycling shoes with thick wool socks underneath will keep your feet reasonably warm for a commute or lunch ride. The rest of the body is a layer of insulation with an outer layer of windstopper, venting or retaining the heat with zippers or vents. Some of us switched to snow board helmets with toasty results. Less vents! I’ll post more on this soon.

    Brian – The only thing that’s not true is that the lift wasn’t really broken. I lied to the gang, because I am deathly afraid of heights!

  4. I see you guys use the same lift I do on almost all of my rides. Bring Brian and the Escalade to Downieville this summer so we can catch a ho-hum Ford lift to the top.

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