Booty Fail

Booty Fail
Time to Let Go

There comes a time when even the most cherished of cycling gear finally wears out.  It can even come to a point when not even duct tape will hold things together.  Your love for that particular item can sometimes cloud your judgment of when it’s time to let go.  Thankfully you can usually rely on your friends to tell you.

It was hysterical yet painful to watch the owner of these booties ride yesterday.  With both booties flapping in the wind, it was like riding behind Daffy Duck!

23 thoughts on “Booty Fail

  1. The old RockShox was discussed, but there was no reprimand. Since this is a fourth bike, one reserved for snow, the statutes prohibit such punishments.

    Today’s commute was surprisingly warm, yet breathtakingly windy!

  2. Things wear out and a lot of times you can’t get an exact replacement of your beloved and cherished item or they stop making it altogether. Then it really sucks!

  3. I’m trying to figure out what is better. The duct tapped booties or the Sorel’s I saw commuting back home on Wednesday.

  4. too funny!

    i had a pair of workshoes once that i loved to death. problem was that they worn out and weren’t worth fixing. judy was on my ass to toss them, but i couldn’t. too comfy. you know what i mean. anyway, one day they came up missing. i looked in the trash can and lo and behold, there they were. she and jackal’s wife had tossed them for me. anyway, i took them out of the trash and put them in the trunk of my car. a few months later we had gone somewhere and judy opened the trunk and found them. holy crap! did i get razzed! they won’t ever forget that and i hear about it a couple of times every year at family gatherings. yeah, i finally tossed them. i miss those shoes!

  5. At the first sign of excessively worn underwear, Kristy will stick her fingers into the holes of my well seasoned drawers, and rip them to shreds! Often times while I’m still wearing them! It ensures I won’t fish them out of the trash…

  6. Hey, Jeff. Could you keep the commentary on your “unmention-ables” out of the bike carson site?
    That visual of you in your ripped tighty-whitey’s will haunt me all weekend now!

  7. Man…I usually have salad when visiting the Mosers. Now that I know what takes place with the underware QA I’m not so sure.

  8. I think the open salad bar has ended for me but if he mentions fava beans… these flat feet will run for the hills.

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