Winter Adventures

I was thinking I’d write a post about what trails are currently open to ride, but by the time I got around to writing it, it may no longer be true! It looks like we got a decent dusting of snow last night, so who knows what things are like up on the mountain today?

Nice Buck on Ash Canyon Road

I think that’s what is so cool about riding this time of year though. Each day is an adventure. Sure it’s a pain to throw on all the extra clothes, but once you get out there, you almost always have a great time. You just never know what you’re going to see or experience. The beautiful buck in the picture above crossed the road in front of us. I was able to get a decent picture of him on full zoom (optical plus digital) after he headed through the bushes for a feed bucket. I wouldn’t have seen this wonderful creature had I decided to stay back at the office.

View of Washoe Valley
View of Washoe Valley

Jesse and I opted to head up Combs Canyon for Lakeview. We thought we’d give the mountain pass that heads down to the V&T Trail a try. The descent of this little pass is hidden in the shadows most of the time, and you just never know how it’s going to be. It can either be a lot of fun or a death march in snow up to your knees. Luckily for us it was a lot of fun! Light snow over wet sand made for fast conditions with lots of traction.

Descent to the V&T

It’s always a good feeling to get outdoors during lunch, but for some reason, riding in the cold wintery conditions enhances the feeling of solitude for me. We were never too far away from it all, but it sure felt like it. The snow seems to quiet and slow everything down, possibly making time go a little slower. There is also a feeling of survivalism going on. In the summer you’re worried about a full water bottle and a lubed chain, but in the winter, you could actually freeze to death! So not only do you have the terrain to conquer on the bike, but you also get satisfaction from feeling that you stayed dry and comfortable during your outing.

Jesse on the V&T

Like I said, it snowed some more last night, and probably will off and on today. Who knows what today’s adventure will be?

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