Ash Canyon Traffic Report

Daytime temperatures in the 50’s have turned the snowy hillside of Carson’s west side into a sloppy mess. If it’s not slushy, it’s muddy. An attempted ride up there yesterday resulted in A LOT of walking, and mostly just to get the hell out of there! There is still quite a bit of snow and slush, so it’s like a time release SUCK capsule. It will most likely be like this for days.

Soggy Trails
Soggy Trails

It also appears that the Nevada Appeal is expanding their circulation, giving the Ash Canyon market a try. I think it’s been successful, because they were already out of papers.

Nevada Appeal
Nevada Appeal in Ash Canyon

Ron P tells me that he saw the tracks of a large ATV or small truck going over the embankment of Ash Canyon road. The tracks led down the steep hillside all the way down to the creek between the 2 bridges! That must have been one scary ride! Not to mention an expensive winching out. And the guys in the truck last week thought WE were crazy for riding bicycles up there in the snow!

It’s a good time for road riding with these warmer temperatures though, so get out there and explore the roads! Just watch out for ice in the shade…

9 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Traffic Report

  1. this is great i will be doing that ride more now that i can get my paper.does any one know if i can get the ny times on that trail? jeff your studdly tires are here.

  2. If I get there before Jeff can I pay $5 over his cost and steal em from him? I hear he just stores parts there in the shop until he really needs them anyways so with this weather you may still have them next December.

  3. Just like Jesse said, I guess it’s too much to ask for those two to make a trip back up the canyon and clean up their mess?? It’s their vehicle garbage that is scattered up there why not clean it up? And maybe cover the slide and drag tracks?

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