Bike Carson shRed Alert

If you are longing for an Ash Canyon ride, wait no longer. If you stick to lower trails or trails with a southern exposure that get full sun, you will find good riding.

Preparing for the Descent
Preparing for the Descent

We’ve been riding up Ash Canyon road past the water towers this week, and it gets a little better each day. We’ve been stopping at Deer Run, but it’s possible that the Four Day trail may be open too. There is much traction to be had, and ripping down the Jackrabbit Trail just doesn’t get any better than this.

One place to stay off is the north/south section of the Postal Route. It is still really wet because of it’s eastern exposure, and is nothing but a quagmire. After finishing the long straightaway on the Postal Route that heads east, turn north on the road that takes you over to Vicee Canyon before dropping into the final stretch of the Postal Route. It’s still a little muddy, but at least it’s a wide road. Jump back on Jackrabbit at the bottom of the road.

Ash Canyon Trail Map
Ash Canyon Trail Map

10 thoughts on “Bike Carson shRed Alert

  1. Plus they are a crazy bunch! If the sun’s out then you can bet a few of them will consider shorts and T’s regardless of Temp.

  2. 4-Day is in great shape except for the slope up in the trees where we installed the big rock. Still snowed in there requiring a bit of a hike a bike going up but ride able going down.

  3. Scott J was in shorts, because when we took the muddy section of postal, he went down on his knee in the mud. His pants were filthy and he opted for the backup shorts in his desk!

  4. Wait a minute!

    Somethings doesn’t connect here. The rider is already wearing shorts in the picture so how could he have gotten his pants “filthy” and then changed into shorts that were in his desk?

    Are you guys doing 2-a-days or something? Do you ever work?

  5. It was even hotter today! Unbelievable. Had to roll my pants up into knickers to keep from overheating. Nice, but a little worrisome too. We should be collecting our snow pack right now. Flume Trail in April anyone?

  6. It’s called global warming or the greenhouse effect.

    I remember riding my bike in the middle of Jan in the late 80’s and it was in the 70’s.

    Maybe it’s just the crazy Nevada weather – next week it will be in the teens.

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