The Man Machine

Rode the Centennial Park area today with Ron P., die Mensch-Maschine.  He ran the Ash Canyon 8K trail race Saturday morning, winning his class and taking 7th overall.  Then he did Duck Hill a couple times with his dogs the same day.  He’d done Duck Hill in the morning before I showed up around 11.  Luckily, I had a lot of beers Saturday night with Lester to sorta even things out. 
machine man
die Mensch-Maschine

We took off from his house and after a few decent climbs and descents on rocky jeep road, we hit some of the various single track in the area.  Following a canyon uphill to a big rock cairn, we headed a little further up and found some slightly new stuff being ridden in. 
canyon cairn

Much of it was loose and many of the switchbacks were way too sharp to be rideable but with some work it would be more trail to ride with some decent climbing.  The more the better. We rode this new stuff to it’s end point, turned around and descended the way we came and joined some singletrack that eventually took us to the road construction.  Crossing the new road bed we followed the standard trail back to the parking lot above the softball fields.  The last bit of that trail, the real rocky section, is a blast and we took it at what felt like warp-speed, eyeballs janglin’ and trying to avoid any direct hits on the many shart protrusions.  From the parking lot it was back via Arrowhead drive and into a couple cold Celebration Ales.

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