Friday Motivation

I like to read Swobo’s blog, How to Avoid the Bummer Life. There’s always something to smile or laugh about over there. Recently they had some good links to create your own funny stuff. Like the self-cutting generator and the Motivational Poster Creator. Using these toys, I made the following works of art:

Lunch Rides
I’m glad I picked a short URL. I was close to passing out as it was.

I’ve been known to re-post a few of the videos I’ve found over on HTATBL too. Like this trail video for example. I wouldn’t even WALK this trail, and almost panic watching it!

Y.I.K.E.S. !!

And just because I’d like to share them, here are a couple of recent pictures I took:

Sunset Over Carson City
Recent Sunset Over Carson City

Nevada Landscape
Taken above Lakeview while hiking on Sunday

I believe this bush would’ve spoken to me, but it looks like I missed the fire. Still, I listened for awhile just in case.

Have you noticed that some of us have pictures next to our names in the comments? Go to, register, and upload a photo. When you use the email address you registered at gravatar here in the Bike Carson comments (don’t worry, it won’t be printed), your picture will show up!

Have a great weekend! Anyone have any adventures lined up?

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