Kona Ute – First Impression

We had some business south of town today, so I stopped by the Bike Habitat to see what was new. Within just a few seconds of entering the store I saw the Kona Ute. I’ve been wanting one of these since they were introduced in the 2008 Kona lineup. It looks like they’ve refined the package some for 2009.

Kona Ute
Kona Ute

What’s this long bike for? More than just long rides, as Dennis jokingly told me. The Ute is a utility bicycle, the pick-up truck of the bicycle world. Notice the rack on the back, and the long frame. The wooden platform on the back is suitable for strapping down all sorts of big cargo. I’d imagine you could even put 3 twelve packs of beer on the back. Also included with the bike is a huge bag that mounts to the rear (see the website link below to see a picture of the bag). An additional bag for the other side can be purchased separately. It looked to me that the bag could hold at least three bags of groceries easily. This bike comes in two sizes, an 18″ and a 20″. Even with limited sizing, the bike seems to be adjustable for a wide range of riders.

I took the bike for a quick spin in the parking lot, and was surprised that the bike didn’t feel as long as it looked. My tandem feels like pulling a trailer in comparison. The brakes and shifters also felt responsive. I also loved the swept back handlebars. The bike rolls very smooth on its 700x47C tires.

I think this bike is very reasonably priced for all that you get. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate a bicycle in your daily chores and errands, this bike fits the bill. I’m pretty sure one of these bikes will find its way into my garage this year. It would be perfect for bicycle events, grocery runs, general errands, and trips to the farmers market.

Here are the some of the specs from the Kona Website:

Kona 7005 Aluminum Urban Utility Frame • Kona P2 Disc Fork • Kona Engraved Wooden Platform Rack System • Hayes MX4 Mechanical Front/Avid SD-5 Rear Brakes • Smoky Mudflap Fenders • Big Ute Bag • Centermount Kickstand

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