The Snow is Back

On Sunday Jeff Potter and I got together to brainstorm some ideas for May’s Bike Month. We decided to have a rolling meeting, and go see what the trails were like while we were talking. It turned out the trails were pretty good!

First we climbed Combs Canyon.

Combs Canyon
Combs Canyon

Then we dropped down to the V&T Trail.

Snowy Self Portrait
Snowy Self Portrait

Once back to Vicee Canyon, we climbed the Jackrabbit Trail, Postal Route, and took the Deer Run into Ash Canyon.

Jeff Potter
Jeff Potter on the Four Day Trail

We took Ash Canyon Road to the top of the Four Day Trail and began our descent back home.

Me above Carson City
Above Carson City

The climbing had been slow going in the accumulating snow, but the descent was fast! My speed downhill was not limited by traction, but by diminished braking power. My rim brakes were wet from the snow, so I was overshooting corners. I had to brake early in the turns to compensate.

We descended down the Four Day Trail, Baldy Green, Deer Run, 7 Steps, Vicee Canyon, and finished up with the Jackrabbit Trail. A mob of deer was waiting for us at the trail head. We told them Marcus was not among us, and they let us go.

Trailhead Deer
Trail Head Deer

Once back on the asphalt it was an easy ride back home to a warm fire and some cold brews. It was a great day of riding, and we even came up with good ideas for Bike Month. Stay tuned for the kick off meeting later this week.

14 thoughts on “The Snow is Back

  1. Snowy Climbs on Single Speeds…very impressive!

    I treated my dogs to a day in the snow. Saw you guys coming up Postal as i headed down steps.

  2. Good! The commute home was freezing. The trails were good again today, but like you say, it’s going to start warming up. Should be a sloppy mess soon! Might be road biking time for a few days.

  3. Wait a minute here!!! Did Jeff Moser just say ‘Good’ to 60 degree weather in January??

    The man who rides every day regardless of temp was FREEZING tonight???

    Superman leave his cape at the salon or something???

  4. Glad to see your getting some wintery stuff. One, to help out your drought conditions and second, to see you share the pain a bit!

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