Bicycle Gunman on the Loose

Bicycle News of a different sort from the Nevada Appeal:

A man who attempted to rob the Carson Coffee kiosk on North Carson Streets this morning about 7:30 a.m., fired two rounds at the elderly clerk — missing both times — then fled southbound on a bicycle on Carson Street.

According to Sheriff’s Department records, the man is described as a white male, 6-feet-tall, 170 pounds with blue eyes. His head was covered by a clear-type of mask. He was wearing a tan checkered jacket and riding a red BMX-type bicycle with black handle bars.

The man walked into the kiosk in the Frontier Shopping Center at 1825 N. Carson Street and confronted the clerk with a handgun.

The clerk pushed the gun away and the robber fired two shots. One of the bullets grazed the victim’s lower extremities. The robber then fled. The clerk refused medical attention.

The man is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees him should immediately call 911, said Detective Daniel Gonzales.

5 thoughts on “Bicycle Gunman on the Loose

  1. Sounds like it’s time to round up Pecos Potter and the Iron Mountain Boys…. Glad the clerk was OK.

    I do a lot of searches for bicycle related news for CICLE and it’s amazing how often I come across stories of a “getaway bicycle.” At least that’s one small segment of the population that’s starting to make the transition to a car-free lifestyle…

  2. The dark side of cycling that no one wants to talk about. We all know its there. Maybe its time to seriously talk about legalizing cycling. Speak with your congress-person, get it on their radar and work with law-enforcement to clean up the bad elements in our village.
    Only then will it be safe to roll the streets. Only then can we ride without shame. Now is the time.

  3. This group of cyclists is often overlooked, and I even left them off the planning for Bike Month. Crackheads, DUIcyclists, and Tweekers are people too. Maybe we need a commit a crime on a bike day to celebrate them.

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