Recent Meetings and Happenings

Here’s a look at some of the recent meetings and happenings.

A couple weeks ago, a few of us from Muscle Powered attended the Carson Valley Trails Association Annual Meeting. I was expecting a dozen people in a conference room, but when we arrived, we entered a packed gazebo with 100 people or more! We were on time, but did not even get a seat. The CVTA had an impressive display of all the trail work they’ve done on Carson Valley’s west side, notably the Jobs Peak Ranch and Fay Luther Canyon trail network. Having lived in the Carson Valley for over a decade, I am grateful for all the work they’ve done. Before these trails came along, it was next to impossible to gain access to the mountains without sneaking through barbed wire and no trespassing signs.

Carson Valley Trails Association Meeting
The Jeff’s with Kerstin, President of the CVTA

It was refreshing to see how much support this organization is receiving in the form of volunteer trail work, and tens of thousands of dollars in donations and grant money! We left the meeting inspired, and talked all the way home about how we could bring some of the CVTA’s ideas and energy to Carson City’s west side. We envision a sustainable, protected, multi-use trail system that spans Kings Canyon, Ash Canyon, Vicee Canyon, and Combs Canyon.

Interesting fact: CVTA volunteers pick up 100lbs of dog poop off the trail network per week! Anyone who has been to “Pooh Corner” in Ash Canyon knows how fast this stuff piles up.

At the Feisty Goat
Bike Month Kick-Off Meeting the Feisty Goat Pub

Last Thursday was the kick-off meeting for May’s Bike Month. Six of us showed up at the Feisty Goat Pub for a beer and brainstorming session. We came up with a lot of good ideas, and plan to have another meeting soon. Hopefully next time we’ll pick up the many people that expressed interest, but missed this first meeting. Check the Calendar Tab at the top for upcoming meetings and events.

Bike Carson in the Nevada Appeal

If you read the Nevada Appeal, you may have noticed Bike Carson in the Recreation section. For the past few weeks, a snippet from one of the posts here has appeared in the paper. This has been a great way to reach more people, and I’m starting to get feedback from people that don’t normally read the blog. It does make me a little nervous though, because I’m always afraid I’m going to sound stupid outside the little world of this blog.

2 thoughts on “Recent Meetings and Happenings

  1. I always admire people that can organize to get good things done. I should participate more in such things.

    I haven’t seen you in a while. That beard is bad ass.

  2. I’ve found that organizing bicycle events is like having a job that you really like. You don’t even care that you’re not getting paid!

    5 month beard for a winter that never really happened…

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