The Bridges Are In

Unfortunately I arrived a little too late to see the installation of the Mexican Ditch Trail bridges, but at least I had the honor of being the first cyclist to cross them.
Mexican Ditch Trail North Bridge
North Bridge

Mexican Ditch Trail South Bridge
South Bridge

Hopefully Anne will post her pics of the bridges being installed.

Update! Anne’s pictures are up on the Muscle Powered blog HERE.

And video coverage over on News Carson City HERE.

3 thoughts on “The Bridges Are In

  1. Dude, I am thinking if you piled some dirt up on one bank that you could easily clear those while doing a whirlibird or something. You don’t need no stinkin’ bridge.

  2. Chris – With my dental plan, I’m not going to try. Rather spend my money on parts than teeth!

    I can’t wait to check the bridges out! Also looking forward to riding the whole length from Governor’s Field.

  3. Nice bridge. We’ve got one like that across our arroyo. I make it a part of my ride as often as possible. Pretty cool one piece drop into place construction process, too.

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