January Wrap Up – Looking Forward

Well that was an easy January, huh? With all the fair weather we’ve had, I’ve entered February with a reasonable degree of fitness, and I didn’t even lose my singletrack skills. I’m starting to get the feeling my new ice tires will sit on the shelf until next year. I bet they’re really cool though…

Still snowy on the north face of Ash Canyon

The Ash Canyon Trails are all open with exception of the Creek Trail. As you can see from the picture above, there is still snow on the north face of the canyon. The bottom of the canyon looks the same.

View from the Four Day Trail

The traction on the trails has just been phenomenal! I’ve been pushing the bike over in the turns further than ever, not even having to use the brakes! I’m getting away with stuff that would leave me on my head if the trails were dry.

There is some wet weather headed our way over the next several days, but it doesn’t look like it’ll have much impact. I’m not sure about tonight’s night ride though We’ll just have to play it by ear I guess!

Kristy railing it!
Railing the turn on the Baldy Green Trail

I’m sure you all are as worried as I am during these tough economic times. There are signs of big trouble everywhere with all the businesses closing and empty houses for sale. Even through all the gloom though, I have high hopes and good feelings about 2009 being a great year for bicycles here in Carson City. The year has started out great, and I’m encouraged by all the enthusiasm I see and hear from all the local cyclists.

What the….?!?

Finally, here’s a video I saw over on HTATBL that you can show your kids if you’d like to push them down the road of Extreme^(to the max) Big Wheel Jumping.

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