February Riding

So far, February has been more wintry than January. The good news is that most of the recent snow fall has stuck up in the mountains, but has been melting quickly down here in the city. This has provided fairly decent mountain bike conditions. I went into the Bike Carson archives, and saw that we were on road bikes quite often last February. All the pictures had lots of snow in them.

Scott R
Scott R

We’ve been finding that the Lakeview / V&T Trail loop is great to ride after a morning of fresh snow. The climb up Combs Canyon is mostly road, so you don’t blow up your body trying to get to the top. The canyon that descends to the V&T Trail doesn’t receive much sun, so the cold powdery snow still provides decent traction. I’ve also noticed that the sun is high enough in the sky now to melt a little bit of snow off northern pieces of the trail, so there is often a wet sandy patch to ride on.

A day on the 29er
The 29er

The V&T trail is a little soggy coming back, but at least it’s not real muddy. The sand seems to stay on the ground instead of on your bike. By contrast, we rode up in Ash Canyon on Tuesday, and came back with mud all over us. The clay/sand dirt up in Ash Canyon seems to need a little longer to drain and dry out.


Having said that, it looks like we’re in for some spring like conditions for the next few days, with temperatures in the 50’s and lots of sun! There should be great mountain biking all around town into the weekend.

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