January in March

Just when you think you’re heading into Spring, a January style storm returns to remind you that winter is not quite over. Since our snow pack is alarmingly low, I embraced this recent storm, and decided to make the most of it.

Morning Commute
Self Portrait in Mills Park

The morning started off with a slushy commute to work. I got a little wet, but at least the roads weren’t slippery. When I got to Mills Park, I decided to linger in the park for a while and get some pictures. The bare trees, creek, and bridges always look so beautiful in the winter.

Morning Commute
Mills Park

Wednesday morning was cold, but I’ve found that I stay more comfortable when the temperatures are below freezing. A layer of insulation with an outer layer of wind-stopper, and it’s hard to go wrong. At temperatures above freezing though, it is easy to overheat. You have to be more creative with your layering. I was a little disappointed to arrive at work so quickly. I could have ridden around all morning and enjoyed the scenery.

Morning Commute
Looking towards the Sierras

Luckily that wish came true a few hours later. I headed up to Carson’s west side with Jon and Scott R. We decided to do the Lakeview Loop. An easy road ride up Combs Canyon, and a snowy adventure returning along the V&T grade.

Fresh Powder
Lunch Ride in the Fresh Powder

Jon spotted a very large bird on a rock above Combs Canyon road, and we’re pretty sure it was a Golden Eagle. You can judge for yourself HERE. When we reached the gate near the top of the climb, I began walking my bike through the snow, as it looked too deep to ride. Soon though, Jon pedaled on past me and disappeared over the ridge. I hopped back on my bike and was surprised to see how much traction I had. I was on the 29 inch wheeled single speed, and was happy with how good the big wheels were hooking up in the snow.

Scott R
Scott R made the whole downhill except the last 3 feet

The descent down the canyon to the V&T was a blast! Riding through several inches of fresh powder on a mountain bike is quite the experience. Disc brakes help keep the bike under control, since they stay out of the snow and keep dry. Scott R’s rim brakes weren’t doing much for him, and he lost control in a few spots, ultimately crashing three feet before the end of the run! I made him lay in the snow while I got the camera ready.

Jon on the V&T Grade

The snow thinned out as we headed south on the V&T Grade. Near the end, puddles were forming, and we quickly learned to give Scott R a wide berth. He was hitting the puddles straight on, and sending mini-tsunamis towards the edges of the trail!

It looks like we’ll be back into spring conditions next week. That’s what I like about this time of year…if you don’t like the conditions, wait a couple days!

5 thoughts on “January in March

  1. Amazing beauty all around us. Thanks for slowing down and catching some of it for all of us to see.

  2. Great pics and looks like you work in a great location to have such a sweet lunch time ride option–either that or you have a six-hour lunch break! ;o)


  3. I have 2 new bikes but I still like riding shit-bike in this weather. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do…..These pictures are priceless to me as it was only a year ago and I was not riding much at all and looking at these snapshots of time remind me of…..the good things…..

  4. Pretty awesome day in the saddle from the looks of things. I could do without the snow, but it is sure darn pretty.
    We had an awesome day yesterday but now are entering the silly season where snow or rain or sun or hail can come any minute. Gray and rainy this morning. I’ll take that over snow regardless!
    Have a great weekend!

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