Bike Carson in the Nevada Appeal

Bicycle Commuting in the Paper!
Bike Carson in the Nevada Appeal

If you’re a frequent reader of Bike Carson, you’ve probably already read the story of my one year of commuting by bike. The Nevada Appeal reprinted my story in Friday’s paper, reaching many more people than I could hope to with my blog. Here’s the link to the Nevada Appeal story if you missed it: The Daily Drive on 2 Wheels

You’ll also notice the story below mine in the photo. Rick Gunn will be sharing the words and images from his 25,811 Mile Bicycle Journey Around the World this coming Wednesday night (7PM) at the Western Nevada College. Makes my silly little commute seem like…well, silly! Full story in the Nevada Appeal HERE.

9 thoughts on “Bike Carson in the Nevada Appeal

  1. Hey, now that you’re a star… will you remember all the little people? Congratulations Jeff! What a huge commitment. Be sure to buy lots of copies. Always a good Idea to had autographed copies to complete strangers at social gatherings. ” Here ya go…Thank you , yes, pleased to meet me..”

  2. Your an inspiration to all of us.
    I hope I can live up to your example some day.
    But in the mean time, could you cut it out?
    It’s making me look bad.
    Really bad.

  3. wow! how cool is that. one year is pretty stupendous!

    i’m trying to read it from the pic. i’m old though. can’t. really. see. well. but nice article none the less.

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