Iron Mountain Loop

We had another great ride this Sunday on the Iron Mountain Loop. Attending the ride were Oli, Lester, Jeff F, and two new faces on a Bike Carson Ride; Gary from Stagecoach, and Rob from CC.
Gary, Rob, Jeff F, Oli, Lester

Gary, who lives across the highway from the trail, is now the mountain biker living nearest this loop. My hope is that he likes it enough to occasionally give it a little TLC. Rob from CC is a friend who I haven’t seen in awhile. The last time I saw Rob he was telling me he was going to purchase a new mountain bike and start riding again. Well the new bike is a Specialized Epic, and I was pleased he came out to ride with us. I hope they both come out and ride with us again soon.
Lester on Amy’s Trail

The Iron Mountain Loop comprises three trails: Amy’s Trail, Bench Trail, and Black Hawk Mine Trail. We add two miles of double-track to begin and end the loop (for warm up, cool down, socializing, and increased mileage) for a total of 14.5 miles.
Rob on the Black Hawk Mine Trail

This area provides great winter and early spring mountain biking. When the trails in Carson are too wet to ride, the Iron Mountain Loop is usually dry. Look for a trail map soon on the Trails & Rides page.

9 thoughts on “Iron Mountain Loop

  1. Man, could your weather be more weird? One day your posting photos and stories of a ride that looks like the Dahmer Party lost in the wilderness and the next, Spring has sprung!
    Make you’re minds, will ya? Winter or Spring. You can’t have the best of both worlds.
    It’s just not fair!

  2. Looks beautiful. Now that I see the pics, I remember doing this ride once. You guys picked a great day!

  3. Potter is such a skilled photographer that you can’t even tell the wind was blowing by looking at those pictures.


  4. Rumor was the undesirables were off getting wood for fences…either that or their Ol Ladies just wouldn’t let them go out and play with the boys on a Sunday. Seems to me it was one of those excuses.

  5. Yeah, this is the one where moser made the video with the bonanza theme last year. This is in the ” flowery range”
    No outlaws, and with Jeff M not being there…. no butt rangers either!

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