Missing Cyclist

Have you seen this man?

hsrunner milk carton.jpg

Though there have been several reported sightings of a man hiking with Lu Lu in the Ash Canyon area, Roger was last seen riding a bicycle on an October night ride. 

Word has it that Roger received a job  “promotion” and hasn’t been seen riding since. If you have information that leads to the whereabouts of Roger, please notify Bike Carson. You’ll receive a handsome reward of old inner tubes.

Hope to see you soon Roger, your presence is sorely missed.

10 thoughts on “Missing Cyclist

  1. I hope it wasn’t the smoke break comment I made on the last night ride. That’s the last time I saw him! If he doesn’t return this summer, I’ll just have to eat Lulu’s cookies myself.

  2. I know were the human that you speak of is.
    However I must know about the reward before I give any information.
    Is the chew Toys…a I mean Tubes 26 or 29 inch?
    Do I have to walk far to get the chew Toys…..a I mean bike tubes?

    Please answer my demands and I will give more information on missing master…. a I mean human.
    Bark Regards

  3. Lexi don’t let the kind hearted Jeff’s fool you. The truth is that I’m tired of being Last on All the rides. So if you can help me out by getting the fat…I mean Big guy back on a bike so I can start feeling good about my riding I’ll toss some Jerky Treats over the fence for ya.


  4. Thanks for the post dogs. Very nice.
    Time is a commodity these days, and I have to find a way to hedge it better than I have been. You will see me soon when the days get longer.
    Wait…..Did I just sound like an Indian guide? Man, I need to get out sooner than later.

    Now if I can get Lexi back in the house. She has been standing at the back fence since last night. Some times I just don’t get that dog:))

    See you guys soon
    All is well

  5. Lexi,

    The deal is you get him on the bike Then I throw jerky over the fence…so stop staring at the fence and go drag the bike out of the garage.

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