Traffic Altercation on Ormsby Blvd

The 5 rider lunch crew was on our way to the trails today, and we were riding north on Ormsby Blvd at around 11:50 AM. A white Chevy/GMC full size pickup truck (it’s always a pickup truck!!) heading south at around 40mph sped towards us and the passenger threw a handful of rubber balls into our path. One ball struck Sandie in the chest, and one hit Scott C in the shin, leaving a pretty good sized knot. Other balls hit the bikes. Luckily nobody got hit in the face or crashed. As expected, we heard the pubescent laughter of teenage boys as they passed. By the time we had our wits and looked back, they were already way down the road at Washington Street. Too far away to get a plate, and going too fast to pursue…especially with Washington or Ormsby to continue the getaway on. Had it been downtown, we would have caught them.

I’m going to head down to the police station sometime today and file a report. Keep your eyes and ears open!

16 thoughts on “Traffic Altercation on Ormsby Blvd

  1. Takes a real set of balls to throw shit at cyclists from a 4000 pound vehicle…..Crazy people everywhere.

  2. I did a lot of stupid crap in my adolescence. If I were with you folks today most of the projectiles would (should) have hit me…

    Sorry, it always sucks to be on the receiving end…

  3. This isn’t payback for your past recklessness.
    It’s just stupidity in action.
    I don’t suspect they assumed anything bad would happen, but what if it did?
    And I love the “machismo” of a bunch of teenage thugs who would never have the guts to stand in the street right next to you and do the same thing. Easy to inflict acts of childishness from the safety of a vehicle rolling at speed in the opposite direction.

  4. wow, the same day as jason’s incident. jason was riding to meet me for lunch and a girl in front of the high school was too busy watching the cop behind her and made a right turn, pushing jason into an uncomfortable position. she of course was ticketed for running a cyclist off the road and jason was free to go once he was cleared of all warrants.

  5. We went back to the scene today and found one of the balls. It’s about an inch and a half across and made of very hard rubber. Could’ve easily broke someone’s nose at the speed they were hucked at us! I’ll post a picture of it this weekend.

  6. That does seem like harassment. But have you seen Jason’s bike? Total outlaw fixie. I’m not surprised! Probably mistook him for one of El Esplendido’s gang.

  7. Esplendido would have flipped da biotch da bird and continued on to his tasty lunch. As would I. If there is no contact between car and me and the cop saw the whole thing he can ‘do his job’. I’m not waiting around.

  8. So what happened with the “police report”? I’ve done this a few times, once somewhat recently and have always found it to be worse than a total waste of time.

    My (learned) view is that for the most part cyclists are harassed because of the perception that it is acceptable to do so. And law enforcement’s (in)action fully supports this perception.

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