Projectile Report


Here’s one of the projectiles as described in the Traffic Altercation on Ormsby Blvd post. These hard rubber balls are 1 3/4 inches wide, and weigh as much as this 13 mm wrench! As you can imagine, they’d leave a mark at 40 mph. Luckily nobody got hit in the face.

10 thoughts on “Projectile Report

  1. Holy shit dude, that’s just nuts! Man, like I said in a different post regarding this, I’ve done stupid stuff but never 1.5 inch hard rubber projectiles like that.

    Scott has a tough shin because judging at the look of his bruise I was picturing a standard quarter-inch bouncy ball and no bigger than a large marble…

  2. I propose if Jesse has committed crimes against karma and bad things could possibly be coming his way(hence our way) ..we should maybe just get it over with and shoot him with paint balls or something painful but not really harmful. We need to exorcise these karma demons.

  3. Let’s not get carried away. I think for the most part karma and I are on the up and up. I just remember having a really shallow and stupid outlook on life that made me want to do idiotic juvenile-male activities like what happened here.

    I do however hope what goes around comes around for these dudes, because if I would have been riding that day I probably wouldn’t be so forgiving.

    It almost makes riding in the wilderness seem tame compared to riding the roads.

  4. Suggestion: Start carrying the wrench with you. Throw it at the offenders next time and see who ends up in hot water with the authorities. Bet it won’t be the truck driver!
    That is the rub. They are free to cruise around town creating grief for folks on bikes but if you were to “give a little back” there would be retribution. Either an attempt on your life by the offendees or a quick call to Reno 911 and charges of malicious destruction of property.
    Glad that no one was seriously hurt; this time.

  5. Call the local high school and ask if they have a knowledge of the vehicles that the kids drive. Back in my day, we had to register what we drove. If nobody in the office does, maybe the auto shop teach would know which truck you are talking about.

  6. Scan the internet to see if there are any new videos posted entilted ” cyclists hit with rubber balls” seriously, they may have thought it would be funny to record it.

  7. My primal urge is for us to all start wearing black cycling vests with our logo on the back like a motorcycle gang. Then when stuff like this happens we just cruise town and start smackin’ heads together of people who are just plain suspicious lookin’. Rule the roads by fear.

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