The Creek Trail is Open!

Last week I was looking down into the bottom of Ash Canyon, and wondering when we’d get to ride the Creek Trail again. There was still quite a bit of snow on the south side of the canyon, and it looked like it could be a few weeks before it melted.

Creek Trail is Open!
Lower Creek Trail

What a difference a few days makes! As we rode up Ash Canyon today, we saw that the snow on the south side of the canyon had melted considerably. The trail even appeared clear where the trail passed through the diminishing snow patches. When we got to the top of the Creek Trail we noticed the tracks of other riders, and realized that other people recently had the same thoughts we did.

Right after the first switchback, we encountered the first of 3 or 4 snow patches on the upper section of the Creek Trail, and each is easily ridden if you slow down a bit. With the warm temperatures headed our way this week, it won’t be long until the snow is gone and the mud is dried up.

Creek Trail is Open!
Rock Chute

I had figured that even if the snow was melted, there would be so many downed branches that the trail would be impassable. This was not the case either! Although there are many little sticks that need to be raked up, the whole trail is rideable without putting a foot down. The only real evidence of downed trees along the trail is a fresh pile of sawdust and large log near the bridges. Somebody has been up there doing a little clearing.

Creek Trail is Open!
Looking Back up the Canyon

The Creek Trail weathered the winter well with no major erosion problems. The bridges could probably stand to be inspected for safety, but they both felt sturdy enough when ridden today. If you decide to ride the Creek Trail this week, take it easy on the muddy sections, and watch out for all the sticks. Sticks can flip up into your chain and bend your derailleur!

3 thoughts on “The Creek Trail is Open!

  1. Yeah. The snow I mentioned is melting quick, and the mud was a little worse. Luckily we could ride on snow patches around it. There are only a few patches though, and they’re right at the beginning. Also…watch out for the pine cone minefield half way down…

  2. The middle photo looks like our trails here right now.
    They need a little more time to cure!
    Looks like it was a beautiful day in the saddle regardless.

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