New Belgium to Sponsor Bike to Work Day

Details are still in the works, but New Belgium has agreed to sponsor our Bike to Work Day party at the Firkin and Fox on May 15th! The plan is to have a New Belgium booth setup, hopefully the Team Wonderbike campaign. People will be able to come by to pledge to ride more, and drive less.

Folly Pack
Electra Ghostrider

New Belgium will have a couple beers going outside during the party, with part of the proceeds benefiting Muscle Powered.

Folly Pack
Mmmmm….Folly Pack

Also, be ready for some Tour de Fat inspired activities. The plan is to have 3rd Street blocked off this year, and provide plenty of entertainment. Again, we’re still in the planning stages, but things are looking good so far!

Folly Pack
The Bells!

8 thoughts on “New Belgium to Sponsor Bike to Work Day

  1. Why spoil the peeps at work that just want to sit around and drink freebies? Sponsoring a lunch ride would be the kicker! An iced Keg at the top of 4-day all week would do wonders for lunch rides.

    Kudos to Mose for landing a quality beverage maker and staying away from ‘CrudBean’!

    Your truly worth your weight in beer my friend.

  2. I had a quick meeting with the boys at the Firkin and Fox this morning. Things are looking really coming together.

    Beer at the top of 4-day though? That sounds dangerous. You could launch yourself 50 yards if you went off that trail! Beer at the bottom…

  3. Are you on the safety committee or something?

    Fine Beer at the bottom…but cups at the top. Have to do something to get people to actually ride it.

  4. If we could only get a few Sprockettes to show. I’ve applied for the position of driving that old bus and haven’t heard back.

  5. Holy Moly..I forgot about the Cranks. I’ll see if I can book them for the party. A Sprockette certainly needs something to hold on to…

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