The Kona Ute has Arrived

When I got home on Friday, there was a surprise waiting for me. A Kona Ute was sitting in my living room! Kristy meant to save it for my birthday, still over a month away, but she hates suspense.

Kona Ute
Kona Ute

Over the last year, I’ve gotten the commute to work thing down. The next frontier is to take care of more of our daily errands by bicycle. There have been several times that I wanted to ride somewhere, but didn’t have the cargo carrying capacity on the bicycle. Other times I would ride somewhere, and not have enough room in the pack to take everything home. A utility bicycle would have been the solution in almost all the cases.

Kona Ute
Deck doubles as coffee/beer table

Well that excuse is gone now, so the next adventure in cycling is about to begin. I’ll be looking for errands to run and cargo to haul this week, so stay tuned for a full report!

11 thoughts on “The Kona Ute has Arrived

  1. Nice! Welcome to the wonderful world of cargo bikes! Certainly mucho practical and mucho fun too! Happy early B-day while I’m at it! Cheers.

  2. Wow; nice truck!
    That thing run on diesel or gas?
    Must be a pain trying to park it!
    Do you need a chauffeurs license to ride it?
    Is that a reefer or are you haulin’ hogs?
    Are you Rubber Duck or Pig-Pen?
    (Nice ride; I’m just jealous!)

  3. Sweet! You’ll love being able to run errands by bike without carry capacity limitations. Since I’ve gotten a Surly Big Dummy I never have to be concerned I’m buying too many groceries to carry.

    I’m beginning to think Kristy might be a keeper (just kidding)!

  4. welcome to the club. I have an 08 ute but I bought 2 big 09 orange bags and gave my son the 08 bags for his bike. We have a 400 mile bike ride coming up this summer. You can fit ALOT of stuff in those bags . ENJOY!

  5. hey i really want this bike and my dad is whining that the weight is too far back and it looks like it could be hard to stear. How do you like the handlel bars? have you changed tham out yet?

  6. The bike steers fine fully loaded, but I have noticed that I am a bit more careful going into turns when it’s fully loaded, as the front end feels a bit light. For general riding though, it handles like a normal bike.

    Handle bars are cool, although sometimes I wish they were a bit wider. I’ll probably keep them just the way they are though.

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