Eldorado Canyon Ride: Sunday, April 5


Anyone interested in riding Eldorado Canyon in Dayton can meet us at the Dayton Rodeo Grounds (500 Schaad Ln.) on Sunday, April 5 at 9:45a.m.

This is a very beautiful, physically demanding, and rewarding ride. You can see pics and read Jeff M’s post of his Eldorado Canyon ride here and here.

Our route will be 16 miles, with a 12 mile extended loop option for a total of 28 miles. Bring plenty of food and water, and a bottle of your favorite lube (not for the after ride party, but for your chain. The elements really do a number on the drive-train).

Anyone who would like to carpool please contact me.

Who”s going?

19 thoughts on “Eldorado Canyon Ride: Sunday, April 5

  1. if i can make this ride sunday, i’ll pretty much guarantee to jump some beer cans too. fact is, i’ll even bring my bike to the lab and fill the handlebars with nitrogen, since it’s like 4 g/mol lighter.

  2. “if i can make this ride sunday”?

    Anyone who rides from doorstep to the top of 4-day in 25 minutes should just start the Eldorado ride at 4-day and catch the rest of us at the start of Eldorado single track.

    We need a head start speedy.

  3. Jeff: From the looks of that picture, you might want to wear a cup and bring a mouth guard. Hate to see the “boyz” or those choppers get ruined riding that “brick with wheels” for 5 hours!!
    Have fun. Wish I could join you.

  4. Have fun. I am going to have to miss it. I am going to hang out with the family this weekend. I have been working so much, I forgot where the cereal bowls were in the kitchen this morning.

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